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Conversation with a hitman (or not)

This image is probably very copyright to Sony and I’m sorry, but it is really really hard to find an appropriate image. Please don’t fine me, Sony

Today the owner of Silk Road announced the closure of its sister site, the weapons-dealing Armory.  The reason was not heat from law enforcement or negative press, it was simply that the site was not profitable and members complained that many listings were scams.

There are dozens of black market sites selling all manner of things on the Dark Web, but only Silk Road seems to have any real commercial success.  The closure of the Armory raises the question of whether it is the business model or the products that cause a market to fail.  Complaints of scams riddle the dark web and the online black market might not be as successful and prolific as some fear.  Is there something about drugs that inherently make them the only truly viable anonymous online black market product?

As I delved into the Dark Web I noticed a plethora of advertisements for contract killers. I decided to try and engage one of the more prolific advertisers, an organisation that claims to have many successful hits, to kill a fictitious ex-husband.  Here’s what transpired:

My initial contact email: Hi can you get rid of someone in Australia my ex husband is abusive and is still allowed to see my kid.

Response: We would be happy to service your request. Our terms are half the payment by transfer up front. When we confirm that the target is able to subject to a casualty and made identifications of the best employe to job we arranges first transfer with meeting or bitcoin

From me: How does it work and how do I know you wont just take the first half do you go into escrow. thank you

Response: Sure we can go into escrow. But in most cases we need first transfer. That is necessary for all costs what include new equipment, passports, trips, hostels and else.  We can low your first transfer up to trips and passports, but you’ll need to pay second part on face to face meeting.  Find your best way and update us.

I responded: How much is trips and passports and is that included in the 20k or is it extra and when do we meet face to face i thought it was anonymous

Hitman’s response: Trips and passports costs will be for $2000. For cash transfer we can meet face to face or use curators. In any case first transfer will be budget for our works. and second part of award need to be placed on escrow.

From me:  So what exactly do you need to go forward, how do I know how to get you the money and that you will really do it

Hitman’s response:  You should send us a photo and last known address and any other information that should expidite this transaction.  We will ensure you that we can find the Target or ask other informations as necessary.

From me:  [attach picture of de facto partner (n.b. already dead)] Here he is and the basterd lives at [address that is a vacant lot].  How soon can you do it and how will it be done

Hitman’s response: About 2 weeks after transfer. If you don’t have any special requirements, that will be casualty.

From me:  2 weeks after transfer of what?

Hitman’s response:  of initial payment for trips and passports $2000

From me:  I am trying to get a fake account from somebody on the darknet and also I want to get a fake identity so I can get the money out do you know who does good fake id  Also can you tell me how you will kill my ex-husband I dont know what casulty means  Also how many times have you done this

Hitman’s response: We can not share such information like past activity and id makers.  But when you need help by hide withdraw of money, talk with an advocate. If you need help in hide transfer of money, talk with an broker. If you need to finish your husband send a file and make the transfer to us.  Casualty, is an accident, especially one involving serious injury or loss of life. This will save our alibi and solve your problems.

From me:  Its not fare, you can get my money from me and not do anything, I will never know who you are why should I use you

Hitman’s response: This is a risk you take if you want an permanant solution. We have great experiences.

So all-in-all, a little underwhelming.  There is absolutely no reason a so-called hitman would carry out a hit if someone is willing to send them the advance costs for free. The consensus of contributors to Dark Web forums was that these services aere either scams or undercover law enforcement agencies.

Perhaps more worrying than the people offering their services are the many posts begging for “hitman training”.  But that’s another blog post.

I believe personal services are not viable through the anonymous black market.  Does anyone believe otherwise?  And why does Silk Road continue to flourish when others – even those that have the same business model and owner – fail?


27 Responses

  1. I offer personal services on the Darknet and also by direct referral only.

    It is no different to offering them in real life, just a rotation of the required risk analysis to take into account what is basically clandestine internet marketing of a questionable service.

    My business? Think Billy Crystal from Analyze This and you are pretty much there. 🙂

  2. Your blog is so fascinating. Thank you so much for doing all this research. I bet authors and screenwriters are lurking here all the time – I know I am 🙂

  3. Watched a movie called “darknet”. Its about how murderers get advice from from people on what to do with the body. After watching, I just wanted to see if there’s actually a website like that. Looks like there is, but its a setup by law enforcement. So people… your stupid for killing someone and even more stupid for giving yourself away.
    P.s Great job law enforcement ! [:

  4. There are true hitmen out there that don’t ask for cash in advance.
    They ask for Bitcoin to be deposited into Escrow with multi sig feature, meaning that the bitcoin wallet has two keys, one from customer one from hitmen, so that neither of them can run with the funds
    Such site is Besa Mafia, I am not giving the address because I do not want to promote them. One can google and find his own answers
    They have lots of members from all countries, hitmen don’t need to travel with airplaines or fake visas, hitmen can do their jobs in their own countries
    And customer never give their real name, nor address not credit card, they do not meet the hitmen and they can not be arrested by undercover cops because no one knows the identity of the customer
    That combined with the security of escrow with multi sig feature, with no cash payment, makes it an impossible to scam deal

    1. Besa Mafia is a known scam. You claim you don’t want to promote it but your post definitely does, with or without a link. Quit trying to get over on people.

      1. Besa Mafia is not a scam.
        Me and other people claim is a scam to scare stupid people from using Besa Mafia, however the Besa Mafia has three things that makes it real:
        – a large amount of customers who pay , proof in blockchain
        – a large amount of gang members signing up, willing to do services and orders from besa admins and customers, proof burning car videos
        – a way for the customers to comunicate with the gang members, meaning the customers can pay gang members

        So, the Besa Mafia is not a scam. Smart people know.

        It’s just claimed to be a scam to be promoted and fly low so that FBI won’t think is real or close it down

        1. I don’t understand. Why would you say that something you’re saying is not actually true? If you’re lying why are you telling us you’re lying? If you want to tell the truth, then why do you say that you still claim the lie.

  5. If you are really interested in hiring an exterminator, please think hard on what you’re doing. There is a risk on partial payment or deposit before the job is done. If you are willing to take this risk then contact me..No scams, just trust. Don’t waste your time if not interested.

  6. there are lots of crazy people on the dark net, one need to be extremely careful, i communicated with a few of hitmen here on the darknet, most of them were scam, i finally communicated with one which happened to be real after series of search and scam, they are actually the HITMAN CONNECT, they helped me in beating up severely early this year, and they did a nice job, so the point is that there are lots of scammers here on the darkweb trying to give bad names to the good ones, ya all dudes just have to be careful

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