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Are there modern-day Gladitorial fights on the Darkweb?

One of the most pervasive urban myths on the darkweb is that you can find underground rings of Django Unchained-style fights to the death. Some of the believers claim they give millionaire members the opportunity to attend such fights; others say there are live webcams broadcasting them, which can be accessed for a fee.

Can you watch this on a webcam?
Can you watch this on a webcam?

I’ve trawled the Onion, far beyond what’s available on the Hidden Wiki, and have yet to uncover any evidence at all.  Yet, like all urban myths, those who wish to believe insist that its true.  There’s one here  for example:

“Even underground fighting tournaments to the death (I’m not joking very real very organized). Very Real trained professional fighters. It may seem surreal but they are guys that train with the best and want no part of UFC or any fight league. Dudes who really enjoy fighting to the death. It’s just crazy explaining it it’s not some barroom brawl. These things happen and alot of millionaires pay big money to see them. Modern Gladiator battles. I heard there are some with humans vs animals.”

Over on Words With Meaning  someone who calls himself ‘Online Investigator’ and claims to be an ex-government cyber security expert also insists they can be found:

“As well as this there are literally gladiators who organise ways of fighting to death. I know how exaggerated this sounds – trust me, I’m the one trying to convince readers it is true – but there’s no joke to this claim.”

I asked the author of that piece to help me find them, but sadly no response was forthcoming, though they did forward a text document that was like a badly-written ‘Rules of Fight Club’.

There is evidence that modern-day gladiatorial fights to the death do occur, but in very limited circumstances. The Zetas drug cartel for example, has been accused of pitting their kidnap victims against each other with hammers, knives and machetes.  The winners are ‘allowed’ to join the cartel. Guards from a San Francisco prison staged ‘cockfights’ in the late 1990s by putting prisoners from rival gangs into exercise cages or yards and betting on the outcome.  Some of these ended in the guards shooting one or other of the prisoners and there is a video floating around of at least one of these incidents, where 25-year-old gang member Preston Tate was killed.  This video does not seem to be available on the darkweb or any of the gore sites.

Anyway, that is different from the idea that there are organised fights that millionaires can pay to go to a’la Django Unchained, or even better that really hokey episode in the older La Femme Nikita series where deranged billionaires pitted beautiful women against each other in fights to the death.  Or even more unbelievably, that UFC-type fighters willingly engage in fights to the death for money.

Los Zetas is considered by the U.S. government to be the “most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico” so it is not beyond the realms of possibility that they would branch out into webcasts of their atrocities, or personal invitations to those who want to watch.  However, so far, no evidence of such whatsoever exists.

There is no doubt the world can be a place where evil happens.  Just the other day, at a BBQ conversation, someone said “The Chinese should sell opportunities to execute their prisoners. I bet people would pay for it.”  He was probably right.

However, at the moment, it appears that organised rings are the stuff of books and movies.

23 Responses

  1. But there is obviously no fucking way that you could find this with onion or tor anonymous browsers, assuming it’s true and there are lots a of fucked up millionaires and/or people that just want to enjoy the gore (probably just some curious people that have money…then it may be easier to buy your way in.
    If I where a millionaire and could spend on everything i would be really be interested in paying my way into this shits and watch this things to see if they exist…I would have no intention to promote this shit with my money but its probably the only way to get into that side of the world) + if you can possibly hire professional doctors/medics to perform experiment on humans on their spared time (that actually looks like a joke cause none of those sites even have a legit image of this being happening…just random fucking texts that repeat over and over) but is not far from being true
    Well my point and conclusion about this matter is that if you don’t run/live in the deeper internet far away from the conventional “encrypted anarchy sites” you will probably just hear tales and bullshit, you will literally be trolled each and every time only to find out that much of the organized and professional dark side of the world resides on deeper levels of the internet on a much “closed shell system” hardware technology or something that probably has nothing to do with the actual internet itself…so if you operate on those levels then you will see by yourself the truth behind that motherfucker curtain…although this still’s complicated cause you are probably managing with so powerful and organized people that spend probably millions on their “homeland security” you will still probably have no chance to know about their existence.
    I would like to see finally some fucking legit proof that this organizations exists, I mean you don’t necessary have to show the gore but something more that tales on forums and well that for me is trolling.
    Have a good day.

    1. I would love too be a modern day gladiator for some rich guys. And fight 10 really vicious dogs too my death piss my panties and be left totally mauled and ravaged by all the dogs. My legs and arms chained up so I can’t kick or hit the dogs only bite back… so wet thinking about it.

    2. in time for beyond a point of a battle i fully sign an acknowledge to enter this oppurtunity meet me at mt humumun off hicks road san jose c.a i aware of how they arrive i will be waiting at the old miltary base my name is the machine ghost edward ruiz jr 111 4-11-1982 i will be at point 4:30pm sharp my address is 195 w.rincon i will be waiting for your arrival note tell her im not in it for the money ……keep it ……

  2. Unfortunately.. the pits are an all too real thing. When the rich get bored they lash out at people lesser than themselves for entertainment. Everything from men experienced in the arts, to kids who barely know how to throw a punch.. even putting people up against dogs (plural). If people liked what you did, if you gave them blood, they would shower you in glory.. in fact calling it gladiator combat is a pretty good comparison. But take it from someone who knows the horrors of the pit.. it may be “entertaining” but when its you in that cage.. its no game….

  3. No matter what, people will believe what they want to believe.
    As a darknet user, I can tell I’ve never seen anything like that. And even if there was, how could you assume it’s true and not stagged? Once I found an onion site with “snuff movie” on it. Do you know what it was? 4 videos of people killing cat. From youtube.
    Ok, I love cats but…

    Another urban legend is the politician/rich people involved in CP rings. I have, unfortunately, visited some of this onion (not because pedo, I just want to know how it is, make my own opinion) and I’ve seen some very disturbing things but never any evidence of famous people on it.

  4. if you want to see death on the net issis cuts peoples heads off all the time . thats real . sick but real . the American government censors the net in our country although most people fail to realize it . so it is perfectly possible that these sights could exist in other countries , ( and i’m not saying that they do ) and we Americans are just not able to see them. Besides people are not as brave as we would like to believe . many people are willing to take an ass woopin for money but to risk their life in a ring on equal grown with your opponent . nobody is doing that unless they are being forced to like the roman gladiator .

  5. This is so fascinating. I would love to interview you for my dark web-related blog, Eileen. Would you have time for that? I’m writing up some questions in case you do.

  6. We are planning a few in 2021, live steel, to death or withdrawal. Location is hiking access only or remote enough for privacy, no live streaming. Whether you want to kill or not is on you, this is not a test, come ready, we start in April. No exchange of money thru our company, personal betting is a private matter. Non tor listing will show up in 2020. Train now,

  7. Benny the jet 8time world kickboxing champion of the 80s reported in an interview how he was kidnaped and told to fight to the death in china but he escaped. I read his artikle which also spoke of him being half blackfoot indian and having to fight a dozen men from his tribe one after the other as a form of pasage right that blackfoot indeans go through

  8. can i just say…
    if u aren’t seeing this stuff on ur facebook wall on a daily basis
    then you just don’t have the right friends. [or u really really do 😉 ]

  9. Allow me to apporach an oppurtunity that those who ability of artistic…combat my name is edward ruiz jr i live in san jose c.a birthday 4.11.1982 my number is 4088769078…..i accecpt the challegne if this true …to take part in this tournament…….

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