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Dear EnterTheMatrix…

…I know you read my blog.  🙂  Can you email me please?  My addy is on my About page.

You know you want to.  Don’t forget to PGP sign your message.   Unsigned messages will be ignored.  🙂

(Apologies to anyone who thought there might be a post here.  Coming soon)

Edit: the replies to this post are some of the most entertaining I’ve had on this site. Thanks to the contributors 🙂

16 Responses

  1. ROFL!!!! listen to this tool??? do you seriously think this cunt will talk too you?? i’ve spent many hours marveling at SilkRoad, not buying but still marveling, and during that ive seen many niave fools like yourself but i dont think ANYONE there is as DUMB AS YOU!! seriously mate what do you think going too happen? your going too say, oh, you remember me, we are great friends remember?? im ######, and hes going too say, oh yeah bro! no problems my great bestest buddy! of course ill still look after you!! awwwww 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wov you ##### we are besties!!!!

    Look, im really sorry Im being harsh, but do yourself a favor, and work this out sooner rather than later my newest bestest buddie in the whole wide world:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. sorry, i wasnt very nice, i do really feel sorry for this person, it really wasnt called for, maybe im trying to point out the deepweb inparticular is full of very unsavoury people, its niave at best to think ETM gives a damn about you, and as sad as this is going to sound, i believe it the truth, hes probally getting off on reading the probally THOUSANDS of identical messages hes recieved through varies channels all over the world, hes whats called a physciopath, he doesnt have feelings like you and I, his emotions are dark and jaded, seriously count youself lucky your NOT besties with ETM, and all you lost is your money, hes the type whod likely enjoy ejaculate in his pants while watching the life fade from your eyes after he gave you a special “surprise” in your order one day…

  2. But i think “(Apologies to anyone who thought there might be a post here. Coming soon)” is by far my favorite line, as in, dont worry everyone! im going to fix this all!! i know for sure hes going to email me because “i know he wants too” 🙂 🙂 sit tight everyone, ill be back in a jiffy with everyones lost xmas gifts, call me Santa MkII! you are all gunna owe me biiiiig!!…..

    ok, ok, may i now please??? thanks:) RRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. im sorry, its just that this ETM isnt a nice person you can reason with, we probaly arnt that different on this, maybe you are trying to get SOMETHING, anything back from what he stole from you, or maybe you want to understand him/her, but you wont, this entity took great joy in hurting as many people as possible, if you read his feedback thread the weeks upto and after all this he’s progressively upping his discount offers, reaching upto 50% on loads of things, hyping people up and getting them all excited, he’s probally also in a power filled high right now thinking about just how many he could hurt and burn AT THE SAME TIME, people who’d be let down and hurt by people telling their best friends, Oh!!! you wont believe this!!!! ETM is having a HUGE SALE!!!!! ill order from my account if you want ok? this guys cool, i can vouch for him no problem!!! i cant even imagine how excited it must have got this total creep to see perfect strangers defend him? saying he’s a top guy? imagine the grin on this sickos face….

      seriously this is an evil person, not just greedy, if he was greedy think of all the things he could do? he could getting everyone feeling bad for poor him, and at the same time not feeling scammed, but no, he didnt want a bit of that! once his scam was complete he took all listings down, deleted his vendors account and left a cryptic virtual middle finger to everyone just to make it sting a bit more, just cut a little deeper….

      can you see why im saying attempting contact with this entity is pointless, and in all honesty probally quite dangerous, please do yourself a favor and just let this one go, i hate getting burnt too, but unless youve lost $100,000 id just be happy to see the back of him, hey, remember this wont you? he has every customers address either written down somewhere or stored in his head, personally im thrilled ive not purchased anything illegal online, but if id bought illegal drugs from this ETM guy id be changeing my address and phone number and possibly even gender right about now…

      please accept my appology, this creep just really gets me fired up, and it upsets me that there are still people like you who will get burnt again by him given half the chance, please just let it go…

    1. Excuse me? What rock have you been living under? Do you know what this is even about? A silkroad seller turned rouge what don’t you understand? Maybe you could kindly remove your head from anus as you’ve clearly no idea what you’re talking about and come back and talk later? You don’t work for the ABC by any chance do you? Haha
      Enjoy arguing with yourself, clearing you’re a 13 yr old troll and I’ve no time for the like good day to you maddam 🙂

    2. i mean have you maybe heard of, uhm? whats that funny app programmy thingy?? oh thats right! Google!!! thats it! …. ok, iv given you a moment, ive noticed you r not back yet? amazing thing that google isnt it?

      its people like yourself who jump to the defense of murders citing their civil liberties, not bothering to find out they’ve actually killed 20 people lol

      1. I know the whole story of ETM and his conning of silk road thank you very much. The story YOU fabricated is that Eileen here got robbed and whats her money back?!? Where EXACTLY did she ever say that? You went off on an extreme tangent and then started talking nonsense about ABC and rocks and what not yet if you looked you have written a whole essay on something you didnt even realise never happened? Did you ever think maybe Eileen wanted to interview ETM for this site…you know the one where she posts on items relevant to the DW and SR….not for her own personal vendetta? She is clearly a professional and not somebody who would make a silly post undermining her journalistic integrity?

        Now do you understand why you are indeed a tool and did indeed fabricate a whole story? You made outlandish comments before even stopping to think.

        Thanks and have a lovely day

          1. For someone who rekons they have never bought anything illegal online this reality person seems to know alot about etm and the whole sr saga. Why so interested? As fas as i read he (etm) helped a huge amount of people purchase the lsd they wonted and judging from the early days in the forum alot of people got really good stuff. I dont know the whole story and havent read that much about it, but it seemed to me he actually was a good seller for quite along time. Then he burnt a heap of people, stole some profits and left. Big deal, happens every day offline in the real world of dealing.

          2. This is basically what happened. Given the timing, I still think there’s a chance ETM got spooked by the 3.5 year sentence handed down to much smaller and less professional SR dealer, first-time offender shadh1. Makes that shit real. They got the hell out.

  3. ETM would be a fascinating interview! I hope you are about to pull it off, ATV.

    My personal hypothesis is that ETM pulled off his final scam for the sheer joy of it. That and the fact is it is so easy to pull off such a scam on Silk Road (no chance that he would have been able to pull it off on Atlantis, for example).

    1. Ah, nice too hear someone then sound of common sense! Of course you are correct secretadmirer, he said as much on his page “play or be played, you all got played” (insert middle ASCII finger) it was the final power trip, he said, “I’m NOT YOUR FRIEND!! You are all drug addicts and I sold you drugs!!” this is what was said, fact.

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