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Interview with the creator of THAT video

So, the past couple of days have been awash with stories about Atlantis Market’s aggressive marketing campaign, complete with ‘cutesy’ Youtube video advertisement.  At the time of writing this, the video was closing in on 30,000 views.  Here it is, in case you missed it:


Atlantis did contact me to let me know this was coming a few weeks ago and put me in touch with the guy/gal (pretty sure it’s a guy) they hired to make the video.  I interviewed him (and got a sneak peek at two videos) but unfortunately he wasn’t quite as chatty as the Atlantis founders, so I never got around to posting about it.

But now that the whole damn thing is going viral, I might as well put it up so that I have something new to say.  So here it is.

What position do you have with Atlantis?  Tell me a bit about it – full time/part time?

Marketer is how they advertised it.  Really I’m just making some videos for them.  Instructional video on how to use, and a promotional video.  Just a part time gig.

How are you being paid?  BTC/LTC and by the hour or by output?

BTC per output

Where did you see the position advertised?

On their reddit ‘AMA’ post

What did you say in your application?

I sent them a sample video

What attracted you to the position?

Something different.  I do video and web freelance work just sounded interesting and something that I would like to support.

Are you a user of any of the black markets?

Yes I use SR some to buy small quantities of Marijuana

What do you think of Atlantis as compared to Silk Road?

Atlantis looks nicer, has nicer features, just needs more sellers and buyers

What does Atlantis hope to achieve by having you on board?

I guess to gain wider use.

Anything else?

Sorry for the short answers, I am so sick with a cold right now, let me know if you would like me to expand on anything.  I just feel like crap right now.

6 Responses

    1. First time on the site vice, your a funny little cunt… Come here do, whats all this about onions servers? how can information be passed through a vegetable!!! Seriously thought you guys were nerds! not idiots…

  1. You may want to update the video as it’s been taken off youtube, Here i found a link to a working video.

    Aahh all i have to say is what wonderful video Pfft! They make it seem all happy and fun but FAILED to mention the dark sides of online black markets and the site atlantis- The scams, The risk of being busted by LE, Lost/seized packages or maybe a postal/processing delay may mean Charlie or his friend Harry (They failed to mention also) has to wait days for the order to arrive which makes charlie very angry and makes harry very dope sick because he never got his fix of heroin the very next day.

    I think it will back fire on them and alot of customers they attract will read about Silkroad on the atlantis forum and will search for and find a much better place.

    My personal views about atlantis are, Unlike Silkroad founder DPR who has worked hard for a number of years to create something he more than likely believes in, Atlantis in my opinion is just here for a cash grab! They never worked hard for what they created but have gone to desperate measures to steal/lure customers and vendors away from Silkroad (There competition) which is not good sport at all down right dog act, Sending SR vendors offers for free memberships and posting numerous threads on SR forums to lure customers but then having the nerve to lie about it and say it wasn’t them.

    The very cheap fee to start selling on atlantis at $25 attracts many new to the game with very little experience in online or IRL drug dealing which puts them and potential customers at great risk, A guy i know started an atlantis vendor account without even having received one illegal package at all hell he had to search youtube for a tutorial on PGP encryption, He gave up after a week or two because no one bought any of his listings.
    Would you like to buy illegal goods from someone like that?

    Creating an advertisement video tells me these people are desperate and money hungry and will go to great and unnecessary lengths to attract new customers to there site instead of building a good reputation and letting customers find there own way through word of mouth because they have created a great site, The bullshit, lies (FUD) and censored forum is enough to turn any decent human being away.


    1. Hey, thanks for your comment and for the new video link – I did have the vimeo link but haven’t gotten around to updating it yet. And sorry your comment was relegated to spam – unfortunately tormail addresses nearly always go there.

      x Eiley

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