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The Race to Create Silk Road 2.0

Whilst many vendors and buyers have migrated to Silk Road’s two remaining competitors, Black Market Reloaded and Sheep Marketplace, other members have been working around the clock to develop and launch Silk Road 2.0.

Soon this will be Silk Road 2.0
Soon this will be Silk Road 2.0

Ex-Atlantis mod, Heisenberg2.0, claims to have counted “at least 5 publicly stated projects with the said aim of becoming “Silk Road 2.0″ and many more gathering info and building alliances.”

The main contenders are a team of allegedly trusted and verified Silk Road vendors who are working together to recreate the black market virtually identically. A forum has already been created that mirrors the original and its members have been given a sneak peek at the layout of the new marketplace, which will operate under the same philosophy and rules as the old one.

The difference this time is that rather than a single figurehead, there is a team involved right from inception and they are considering allowing it to be open source. The team has a variety of backgrounds, from development to programming to marketing.  Vendors of Silk Road are verifying themselves by PGP signing their introductions and the administration claims to be “90% there” with the new site, with the server up and ready to go.

Many members are wary and prefer to use the established black markets, and at least one Silk Road moderator has warned members against jumping straight into the revamped website.  Some questions have also been raised about security measures  and the competence of the new team.

Nevertheless, no doubt there will be some beta testing of security and functionality, but it is likely we will be seeing the new Silk Road within a week.

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  1. Doesn’t take long for this community to rebound. While others sit back and wait this group takes advantage and will swoop up a sad group of readers. One can only hope lessons from DPR are learned and security and exclusivity are paramount to massive growth and accessibility.

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