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The road’s closed to these drugs

Hey, if the person who emailed me an encrypted message headed “Scoop” and said they wouldn’t be going back to that email addy could re-send it, I got a Decryption Failed (no public key) error. I need your public key. Use the safe-mail addy in my About page if you want.

Today's mainstream media piece
Today’s mainstream media piece

I have a new feature in The Age today. Of course, I’d really like you all to go out and buy the paper, but if you can’t do that, here’s a link to the online version: The road’s closed to these drugs. Or below is the TL;DR version.

Rather than the news of Ulbricht’s arrest, I concentrated on what Aussie drug users’ future plans were (SPOILER ALERT: none of them said “Oh, gee, I’ve seen the error of my ways and I’m going to give up drugs”), to point out the futility of spending masses of taxes on an operation like this. I wrote up an accompanying OpEd which stated this and other consequences of cutting off online supply a little more emphatically, but I haven’t heard whether they will run it yet.  If not, I’ll blog it.

Take care out there x

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