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Silk Road 2.0 over? The last remaining employee thinks so

Below is a message from Silk Road’s last remaining moderator, Cirrus.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.12.24 pm


As the last remaining moderator of the forum I feel it is my obligation to warn all of you that the DPR account might be compromised.

When the news broke about the arrests of Inigo and Libertas there was about a 12 hour period that we did not see DPR.

He eventually logged in and posted the following message to us:

Quote from: Dread Pirate Roberts on December 20, 2013, 11:02:10 am

    Hash: SHA512

    Right now it is still chaotic at best so I am not sure yet how to best respond long term. As a short term bit of caution both Libertas and Inigo are to be treated as hostile and all communications you receive from them must be forwarded to me immediately.

    The weighting of Inigo being busted is that in my opinion many things do not yet add up but I believe the reports may be correct. Until the time I know any different or more evidence comes to light remember to think back and if there is anything that may further compromise anyone he may have had access to let me know.

    Libertas’s case is not supported by much other than rumors. As such it is unlikely this applies to him and it may be a case of bad luck he hasn’t logged on for some hours but continue to also treat him as hostile.

    Right now I myself have no reason to be offline for any period greater than 24 hours, especially now I am aware of the events above. If such time elapses (24 hours) where I do not appear online consider both myself everything associated with me compromised, even PGP signed messages should be treated with extreme caution. I will be wiping all my communications with all of you and so that may be used as a proof if you wish to verify me in the event something happens by using information only I would know.

    This is going to be a testing time for us all and I do not know where it will take us, but everyone please be safe and godspeed.
   [DPR sig redacted by allthingsvice]

I would normally not ever divulge anything from our hidden forums but seeing as I feel this was our final order given by our leader we felt obligated to alert the community with something more than just our words.

As you can see that message was clear that if he was not online for 24 hours he should be considered compromised and it has been over 36 hours now since he last logged on.

We tried asking Defcon about this but he never responded to us other than a similar message like he posted in the discussion forum that DPR was okay, but we as staff, have no way to verify that.

Let me be clear this is not to sabotage DPR, or Silk Road – on the contrary it is to remain loyal the final signed order we received from our Captain.  Seeing as he directly told us in this message to even ignore any future signed messages if that 24 hour period elapses we felt there was no other course than to follow orders and consider his account compromised.

I suggest removing any and all bitcoins you have in the market and to consider the website under the control of LE.  Considering all that has happened lately, we (myself and ChemCat) felt this was our only course of action and we didn’t come to this decision lightly.

I think for now our journey on Silk Road has ended – but there will be others and we did so many marvelous things.

Please spread this message everywhere and share with as many people as possible. I don’t know how long it will remain up.


12 Responses

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted. I’ve never used silk road but I’ve been very interested to watch the emergence of online markets for drugs. I remember the first time we scored weed online on the old BBS network before the internet was everywhere.

  2. What happened about what DPR’s 2 was saying only a month or two ago or whenever it was that there were things in place that if the website was ever compromised or went down that there were back up versions ready to go online within hours hosted all over the place?

    The whole thing seems and sounds so fishy really.

  3. I don’t think the SilkRoad legacy isn’t going anywhere. After the OG DPR got popped, the community was lost and did not know where to go, the felt lost. This created a vacuum of power and wealth that everyone and their grandma wanted to get their hands on. The name SR is so recognize that it advertises for itself.

    Even if the site goes offline, you know another one will be created in a month or so. I think the new leaders are just greedy and want control of the dark market drug trade. This is what is causing dismay within SR2.0. But it’ll be around forever as people fight to take the name and what it means for. Or, however they want it to mean.


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