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DoctorX’s affidavit in support of Silk Road/Ross Ulbricht

Dr Fernando Caudevilla, better known to the darknet market users as DoctorX, has thrown his support behind Ross Ulbricht, convicted of being Silk Road’s Dread Pirate Roberts.  DoctorX has provided an affidavit in support of Silk Road and it’s owner.

Dr Fernando Caudevilla aka "DoctorX"
Dr Fernando Caudevilla aka “DoctorX”

DoctorX is well-known in darknet market circles as the physician that provides sensible, non-judgmental advice on harm reduction and maximising safety in illicit drug use.

In the affidavit, Caudevilla reveals he was paid $500 per week by Silk Road between August and October 2013 to keep up his thread providing advice to Silk Road’s customers on their drug of choice. He also took the opportunity to once again warn drug users of the dangers of untested, so-called ‘legal highs’:

Dread Pirate Roberts never censored my views or advice in any way, even when I espoused views that Silk Road users should not use or buy certain drugs sold on the site (particularly legal highs or research chemicals, new synthetic drugs that have not been tested in humans…)

Ulbricht’s lawyer, Joshua Dratel, quoted further extracts from Caudevilla’s affidavit in a submission to the court dated 15 May 2015.

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