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You wanted darker web?

Last week I poked fun at torture and murder on the dark web. I’m writing on the same topic today, but I’m not laughing.

Can it really get darker than this?
Can it really get darker than this?

A few months ago I wrote about the apparent over-representation of Australians in all things dark web. This blog touches on that too, but you won’t find me smug and vaguely proud about it.

Four Australians have now been jailed for the roles they played in relation to a series of sites on the dark web. This is the abyss, the cesspool, the darkest part of the dark web.

Looking for the darker dark web

The ISIS Red Room hoax spawned several articles examining the motivations behind people who post the constant barrage of requests on Reddit, 4Chan and similar fora asking where find the really dark stuff on the dark web. Well, you can stop looking.

Yesterday I sat in court as a young man, Matthew David Graham, pleaded guilty to 13 charges relating to running the dark web child abuse empire he ran under the name of “Lux”. The sites he ran included pedophilia-related wiki, chat, video streaming and image upload services; but it was the site known as Hurt2theCore that was his most popular and active.

Hurt2theCore is part of a sub-genre of pedophilia abuse materials known as “hurtcore”. Hurtcore is just what it sounds like – hardcore hurt inflicted on innocent children. Even most pedophiles recoil from it. The child’s pain is not a by-product of sexual contact – it is deliberately inflicted, recorded and posted for the gratification of hurtcore enthusiasts.

Matthew Graham was the third Australian to be jailed as a result of Taskforce Astraea which worked to shut down the hurtcore sites. Others included Adelaide childcare worker Shannon McCoole, also known as Skee and owner of The Love Zone. He sexually abused seven children in his care and uploaded the videos.

Another Melbourne man, who I can’t name because it would reveal the identity of the victim of his most heinous crimes who was a relative, was jailed earlier this year. Among other things, he made his 9-year-old victim hold up a sign with a shout-out to Lux; a twisted farewell when Lux announced he was closing Hurt2theCore last year.



Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.54.44 pm

I first came across Hurt2theCore when I was researching the book Silk Road. It was one of those places you click on and then just nope the fuck out of there. It’s not like a person could stumble into a hurtcore site and not realise what was behind the registration page. If the name itself wasn’t enough to tip you off, the pre-registration agreement left little to the imagination:

Hurt 2 the Core (H2TC) is a forum dedicated to open discussion and images (as well as video) sharing. This is a censorship free forum, and thus all topics are allowed here, this means we accept both the ‘child love’ and ‘hurtcore’ aspects of pedophilia. If you do not agree with that or are easily offended, then this is not the place for you. Otherwise, welcome to H2TC!

H2TC didn’t just provide a space to chat and share whatever videos and images people had; Lux provided advice on cleaning metadata from videos and disposal of bodies. There were sections of the site dedicated to “renting” or “buying” orphaned children for sex. The site actively commissioned new videos tailored for specific tastes. Lux boasted to Patrick O’Neill in an interview in 2013 that H2TC averaged 326 new accounts and around 160 posts every day. He claimed to be getting around 15,000 video downloads daily.

Discussions on the website revealed a depth of depravity rarely encountered:

  • – Producing kiddie porn for dummies
  • – Toddler childporn star
  • – Three Men and a Baby
  • – Butchered Bitches
  • – Young’uns bound
  • – Crying rape
  • – Need ideas for blackmailed girl. (15)

Those who created original material for the site were rewarded with access to an exclusive part of the site, the Producers’ Lounge, a sort of hurtcore green room. The most notorious producer was the man who created the series Daisy’s Destruction. We later found out this was yet another Australian, Peter Scully.

Daisy’s Destruction

Even prior to any arrests, Daisy’s Destruction had moved into dark web lore. A mythology had risen around it spurred by rumour, whispers and misinformation. Not content with the fact that a video of torture of a toddler had gone what passes for “viral” on the dark web, those dedicated to finding the “darkest parts of the dark web” spread exaggerated half truths.

Creepypasta whispers insisted a child was murdered on the film. Stills from the old “guinea pig” movies started circulating with claims they were photos of Daisy post-mutilation. People swore they had a “friend” who wound up in a mental institution afer watching it, so depraved were the acts depicted.

Youtuber “Takedownman” who specialises in posting videos about the dark web that mix a little fact with a whole lot of fiction, created a video where he purported to show screenshots of a site called “Daisy’s Destruction Shop” where customers could purchase stills from the film. The site was later shown to have been created by Takedownman himself.

Vile and disturbing as the series was, it was not snuff. People conflated two stories about Scully – he created Daisy’s Destruction, a series of four films which depicted rape and torture of several young girls; he was also arrested for murder of a child whose body was found in his house. However, toddler Daisy was found to be alive and put into care, as were other children in the videos. The deceased girl’s murder may have been filmed, but no evidence has surfaced that this was the case.


Matthew Graham was supposed to attend Melbourne Magistrates court at 9:15am by video conference from the remand centre that is holding him. However, his lawyer advised the court he had complained that the room wasn’t private enough and he was afraid of other prisoners overhearing his charges. He wanted to come to court.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 8.54.28 pm

When he finally arrived at 4:00 pm, it was to an almost empty courtroom. A reporter from The Age who had been following the story (and wrote a great feature about it), the informant (ie the cop who brought him down), the prosecutor, his defence lawyer and me.

He’s 22, but looks younger. Skinny and nerdy, he hasn’t yet grown out of the acne phase. He looked around the bare courtroom, giving a bright, expectant smile – like he hoped to make a new friend – to anyone whose eye he managed to catch. The magistrate got one, as did his lawyer, and so did I as I openly gawped at him. It’s not every day you are in the same room as a bona fide monster.

When O’Neill interviewed him in 2013, he described Lux as one of the most influential people in dark web pedoland. He prevaricated over whether he should interview him at all, but decided it was in the public interest.

“The reader doesn’t need me moralizing to them to come to their own conclusions on a subject like this”, O’Neill told me over email, “so instead I tried to talk calmly to Lux and get as much information as possible from him as an objective third party. This is a world where interviews are exceedingly rare, so the vast majority of what you hear comes out in either indictments or from unreliable rumor. You almost never hear from the actors themselves while they’re free, especially one so influential as Lux was for a time.”

Until a few months ago, I only knew of Lux through O’Neill’s interview and whispers and rumours on dark web forums, where the general consensus was revulsion. But mostly, he was so “other”, hurtcore so evil, that we tried not to talk about him at all.

So coming face to face with this simple kid who looked around the courtroom with a kind of bemused interest in the proceedings was jarring. Shouldn’t he be grotesque and deformed or something? Shouldn’t there be some sort of outward appearance that betrayed he was the kind of child-man who facilitated some of the most heinous crimes even hardened, experienced detectives had ever encountered?

Well, he didn’t look like a monster. There was nothing particularly “off” about him. He could walk among us and we would never suspect; in fact he seems to be one of those instantly forgettable people. He doesn’t seem like the brightest spark in the box either, apparently trying to convince police that he set up Hurt2theCore as a honeypot to catch child abusers.

They weren’t buying it.

The darkest dark web

I can’t imagine anything darker than the sites these men have been jailed for running, using and contributing to. Yet still the questions persist: Where’s the really dark stuff? What else will I find on the dark web if I go digging? Still some people don’t find made-to-order torture of a toddler bad enough and create even more evil adjuncts to the video for a good story or a few extra Youtube hits.

As for me, I live in hope that we have gone as dark as it goes.



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85 Responses

  1. Good lord that’s awful. Part of the problem with defending certain freedoms to people who are getting their information on some topics exclusively from the media(I’m not bashing the media, but they can’t cover all the nuances of some topics) is that to them it can appear that you are defending monsters. I fully support the right of all people to have easy access to unbreakable cryptography, something which allowed these men to get away with and spread the contemptuous things they did for so long. To someone whose knowledge of Tor and the Darknet is this court case(and perhaps the unproven murder for hire accusations against Ross) then the only logical conclusion to draw is that I want children to be less safe and for child abusers to be able to get some kind of sick darknet fame while law enforcement is helpless against these men’s digital security. However, the same core technology(strong encryption) that holds Tor together is also what keeps us all from having our identities stolen every time we put our credit card information into Amazon.

    On the topic at hand, I think people prefer to keep the darkest of the darknet a mythical unknown for several reasons. First, almost every single time there is a major deepweb child pornography bust the people arrested are just normal looking people; we don’t want to think that the people we see walking down the street every day may do unspeakable things when they’re alone. To a certain degree I think it’s less that humanity has a fear of the unknown as much as it has a compulsion to fear the unknown; these people, while the worst of the worst mankind has to offer, are a known fear, which makes them significantly less frightening than the untold monstrosities our imagination cooks up at the back of our minds.

    1. I’m reminded of a scene in the movie 8mm(**spoiler alert if you care about that sort of thing**) when Nicolas Cage meets and confronts the man who carried out the murder of a young woman for a snuff film only to see that the guy is just a normal everyday person. When he sees that Cage is clearly confused he said, “what did you expect, some kind of a monster?”

      1. This reminds me of nothing so much as Hannah Arendt’s description of Adolf Eichmann, one of the primary architects of the Holocaust, when she described Eichmann as the embodiment of “the banality of evil.”

          1. Um, nope. Eichmann was tried and executed for actual, genuinely horrible crimes, abundantly documented. Either you’ve been badly misinformed or you wilfully lie.

          2. Confessions read into evidence and used to sentence prisoners to death at the Nurnberg Trials were often extracted under testicular crush torture. Torture by people (I use this term ironically) who were themselves Jewish. I cant claim to know more than I research, and know that nothing about the suffering of Jews in WW2 is what we have been inculcated to believe. The entire narrative of the Holocaust is deeply corrupted by self-interest and careful strategy. I do not deny the deaths of many many civilians of many different backgrounds during the war. I do not accept as wholesale and unimpeachable truth the confections of the industry that has developed over time on this matter. I totally reject the manipulation of law by the interested parties that has resulted in laws being passed to muzzle genuine discussion on this matter. Truth does not require law to make it true. Law is used to protect Interests, whether genuine protection of life and property, or the protection of what might be called the Copyright to The Myth.

          3. Wow. Have you hung yourself yet Henry. Christ I hope some killer has you in his basement cutting small pieces off you to feed to his dog. doing it slow so you suffer the longest possible.

          4. What your saying about Jews during the WW II holocaust is 100% not true. There is documented evidence of it coming as far back as General Ike Eisenhower taking actual videos and photographs of the holocaust survivors to show the world documented proof that the holocaust existed. When asked why he did it he bluntly openly stated, “because one day there are going to be some assholes that will deny that it ever existed.” All you have to do is google the jewish holocaust on the web and you will be given tons of information on the subject of torture including Nazis torturing homosexuals and people who had emotional and physical disabilities becuse they were not part of the perfect Aryan race.

            As regards the Nurenberg trials, –testicular crush torture of Eichman and the other eight Nazi officials in order to get forced confessions for the trial (ironically by Jews themselves)? Are you fucking kidding me??? Where in hell did you get your bullshit information from? Stop spreading lies and disinformation about the Jewish holocaust including the Nurenberg trials, –which was an official post war investigation of WW II to bring Nazi officials to justice who were responsible for thousands of innocent individuals tortured and put to death during this sad period of time in human history. Jews have had enough hell, and they don’t need you spreading some bullshit lies in order to distort the truth that went on during that time. Stop spreading lies and watering down this period of history. You needn’t look as very far back in time as WW II and ask the question did those human atrocities of jews really happen as we are led to believe? All you need to do is look at today’s news of all the human atrocities that go on today within our world and anybody with decent common sense will say, “Yes, it really did happen.” What we have to do is learn from this period of time of human history and say, “Never again”!!!

          5. Executed ? He got the easy way out. Rot in maximum security and forced to be in gp is the appropiate sentence. Predator becomes prey.

  2. “Shouldn’t there be some sort of outward appearance that betrayed he was the kind of child-man who facilitated some of the most heinous crimes even hardened, experienced detectives had ever encountered?”
    That’s funny to me because one could argue of is any one human truly at fault, rather than the existence of Money as a way to change goods, and how some people in order to get at their depravities will exchange vast sums to have it. People as Lux are mere opportunists lured, again by Money, to take advantage of it.

    1. No… sorry that way of thinking doesn’t work, money does not corrupt this deeply, I can’t sit here listening to you saying “yeah money made this guy host the hurtcore area” because money can be made a hundred different ways, HURTCORE was, and is, above that, you thrully need to be evil to even consider doing it, it was obviously not about the money, it was about the ability of hurting small children and posting it online at the back of the police, no amount of money could make any normal person consider hurtcore, Money is not the rooth of all evils no matter what they teach you on school, money can not be the trigger of someone hurting a toddler or a small kid, you really need to be a sick fuck to even consider it as a viable option to make money because, as I said, there are a million ways to make it before getting to hurting small babies.

      1. there is NOTHING u could pay me to hurt an animal, child or person. I’m poor. i live in low income housing..i would love a home of my own( i cry about it often) and a brand new car but i could never acquire money for pain and suffering. You must have that evil IN YOUR SOUL.

    2. No. No. That’s bullshit. Lux is someone who tortured and raped toddlers and killed at least one of them in the process. No. That is absolute bullshit. This is not about money, I almost want to say fuck you for even suggesting something so absurd. Can’t you find an issue that actually IS about the societal problems currency/fiat currency can cause instead of tacking it onto something like this?

    1. Don’t go looking into stuff like that. The deep web can be fun but the DARK web is where you want to stay out of. I use the tor browser which is one of the most common, although don’t rely on ANYTHING to be completely anonymous because as you just have read, even the most experienced get caught,

    2. I wouldn’t want to watch it I want that sick twisted fuck tortured and kill wipe that demon off the earth send him back to hell

    3. “How do u find daisys distruction? Or get on the deep web”

      Sure, go ahead and find it. The FBI, Interpol will be on your tracks. VPN’s and darknet browsers aren’t gonna save you as technology gets more advanced every year.

      Dumbass troll!

  3. Actually I didn’t create that website. Get your fucking facts straight before you print some liable bullshit. You want to do journalism get your facts straight. I just happened to google that shit and found the store, if you look it had 14 reviews something people keep forgetting to mention. Granted the pics may not have been from the movie, I had never seen the movie because I am not a pedo and had no interest in watching that film, so yeah I thought it was from the movie. So you need to get this shit fixed or well I will just contact my MCN and yes I can get paid.

    1. @Kanoa Gill

      Isn’t that precious… a libel threat from someone who can’t even spell the word “libel”.

      You _do_ realize, don’t you, that Eiley is an attorney? As such, she doesn’t have to hire a lawyer to defend herself, she _is_ a lawyer. As such, I’m sure she chose her words very carefully.


    2. First off, you are not (at any time, 2016 or 2019 for that matter) contacting anyone. Many people know you’re a liar, except your gullible fans. When you used to post “darknet” vids you lied and stretch the truth so much I was embarrassed for you. I’m willing to bet you didn’t do the research yourself and relied on others who knew you were kind of a first class idiot.

  4. Yet another child porn site busted on tor. Shocking. I wonder how many other people will be fooled into joining a honeypot on tor and getting arrested. I wonder even more how long ago tor stopped being truly anonymous.

  5. I removed the comment describing where/how to download Daisy’s Destruction. You don;t get to use my site to link to shit like that. I hope it was a scam and anyone who tried got phished but either way, fuck off

    1. It speaks volumes of the perceived psychological distance the internet gives people that anyone would brazenly ask how to find something as stomach churningly revolting as what you described, only to have the request answered for them. Even in the most perverted, darkest corners of the world it should be considered the epitome of bad behavior to use someone else’s personal blog to direct others to child pornography.

  6. The h2tc site wasn’t that bad. I had a profile on it. I kinda miss it like I miss the MSN cchatroom.

  7. This is sick. Reading it just made my skin crawl. Why isn’t he on death row or under the jail?? He needs to be in there for life. Just pure disgusting waste.

  8. This is just sick.. sickens me. Those men are monsters. Evil. And should be executed to the upmost. Men like that don’t deserve to live. They should rot in H–l for what they have done….

  9. AnD what would be so fun about little kids being raped and tortured? If you like to watch that stuff, then your just as sick as the ones doing it. Omg what is wrong with people? How could someone do thosee things? How could someone enot watching it? Omg That makes me sick, and pissed me off. People that rape and torture others are evil, monsters. And deserve to go back to hell where they belong. What is wrong with people?

  10. Men disgust me. They are solely responsible for child porn, rapes, torture, murder, sexual harassment, domestic violence, renting prostitutes, watching porn, producing porn, stalkings, and more deviant, evil acts. “The evil that men do lives on and on..” There could never be a truer quote. Men protect other men, that’s why we never know the names of all of the men who buy or rent kids and infants for sexual purposes, who rent prostitutes (johns), rapists, etc. Judges who are men give rapists and murderers of women a slaps on the wrist, if anything. Evil. The destruction (mostly murder) of females is called “Femicide.” It’s getting worse every second. Women are honor killed, forced to have their genitals mutilated, murdered, tortured, sexually harassed, emotionally abused, etc. exclusively by men. When confronted with these atrocities, men try to change the subject quickly. “Women do this stuff too,” they claim. Bullshit. They just cannot face facts and admit that they are guilty of these crimes against women. Which sex takes up all of the prisons and jails? Males. This is because men are notoriously violent, sadistic, and sick in the head. Women give life and men destroy it. I wish that some day all men could pay dearly for their crimes. Castration would be a great way to start. Rapists can not be rehabilitated. This is a well known fact. Just cut it off. Problem solved. There must be radical ways to deal with evil men, or life will never improve for women in this world. Thanks to patriarchy, this will never happen. Radical measures must be taken. I’ll leave them to your imagination so I don’t go to prison or a psychiatric ward….

    1. Jennie’s tirade makes her sound as hateful as the subjects of the articles, what are they teaching in school these days? Could that be a hint of feminist cultural Marxism? For one, no sh*t men are responsible for the majority of violent crime, it is a product of evolutionary biology, tribal roots. Women bear and rear children, men protect the tribe, kill the animals, and go to war. This is a necessary trait, and has been rewarded exclusively. The weaker males, those who lost their lives during battle with other tribes or wild animals were weeded from the DNA database. And actually, it is in the interest of the women to mate with the strongest male, be that of their own tribe, or the tribe that conquered. In effect, women incentivize the ability to visit violence, and so improves the likelihood of survival of the offspring. Now this is not to in any way justify the actions of the sociopaths discussed in the article, but to use the information as a club for a red-shirted feminist men bashing tantrum is just pathetically simplistic. And we here in the US just narrowly avoided electing a known abuser of women and children, likely by her own hand in a similar manner to Lux, but most certainly using others to commit the violence. A female mass murderer, responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in Libya, Syria, Haiti, and the US, Hillary Clinton, oh I meant the poster girl for women’s rights, right? The Hillary that gladly reaped millions of dollars from regimes that mutilate female genitalia, treat women worse than dogs, and who’s top aids’ (Huma Abedin) mother is a staunch defender of this mutilation. How hypocritical can it get? If it was fictional, it wouldn’t be believed. The problem is not the patriarchy, silly girl, it’s a collective system of governance which rewards complete psychopathy, be they male or female. It just happens that there are more psychopathic men related in some manner, to evolutionary biology. If you think women aren’t capable of abhorrent abuse and inhumanity, as it seems you do, well stay tuned for the trial, the People vs. Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Crime Foundation, now that we’ve finally elected a president overwhelmingly that has made the criminality of both established governing parties the highlight of his campaign.

    2. “Which sex takes up all of the prisons and jails? Males. This is because men are notoriously violent, sadistic, and sick in the head. ”

      Wow, talk about sexist ideas. That’s similar reasoning to: “Which sex makes less money? Women, because they’re overall useless.” or “Which sex runs the government? Men, because unlike women who are irrational and bound to female hysteria, men are steady, intelligent and rational.”

      I bet Jennie is one of those deeply sexist people who claim to be feminists but doesn’t give a fuck about equality, poisoning that well and actually working against feminist agenda. Really, there are just way too many people like that in the feminist ranks.

    3. Jennie ,sadly..very sadly at the age of 50 and having been abused myself from an early age by a ‘trusted’ family member..I sort of agree with you BUT..Please don’t assume that there aren’t female paedophiles /rapists /child murderers and those evil bitches who are sharing heinous images of children because their are lots..In the UK alone in high profile cases lets not forget Myra Hindley who aided and abetted the abduction ,torture and rape of at least 8 children in the 1960’s and she even taped the wee children crying for their mum…Rose West from Cromwell St Gloucester UK who raped her own children and took part in murdering 2 and killing many more young women..Also only about 2yrs ago some creche workers in the south of England (all FEMALE) sexually abused babies as young as 6mths old and filmed/shared their crimes…
      Jennie the world is a fucking nasty place and sadly as much as I embrace technology it’s become the global link for underground child trafficking/rape/paedo networks and the saddest thing of all is that most children who go through this are mentally messed up forever by someone who is supposed to be in a position of love and trust..I understand you totally x Sophie

    4. Darn, if you’re wondering why I posted something twice and a video unrelated to my point it is because I could only see the raw links without any attached information with youtube videos so I had no idea I posted some wrong things until the comment was uploaded.

    5. Depravity is not something exclusive to one gender. Women do horrible shit too, including stuff like this. We can be just as vile as men.

    6. Do your research before you open your cocksucker and look dumb. Peter scully had a FEMALE accomplice, so try again. it’s NOT only Men, retard

    7. Why didn’t you just write “I haven’t been fucked in years and have never in my life been fucked WELL”? It would’ve been a lot shorter and you would’ve communicated the same thing either way, Jennie.

  11. Wow, Women are out there everyday selling their children’s sexuality in many 3rd world countries and even in the US, AU and Other but you keep on blaming men…

    So please after a bit of light reading tell me so more about how all man are oppressive, oh and about that slap on the wrist? You wanna see a slap on the wrist read that 3rd link and you’ll find a news article about a WOMAN who raped her 1 year old BOY for $300 to buy a fucking laptop!?

    I’m sorry I have nothing against feminists (and don’t deny it!) but can you at least do a fucking 30 second Google search and then present an argument based on collected data rather then slander from a mind clouded by ignorance and arrogance.

    Once again I’m sorry but I’m one pissed off MAN!

    By the way depressing topic but finely written article Eiley kudos to you!



      I’m just saying “TOM.” 😉

      1. Yeah so that excuses all the women who take part in it from their responsibility, right? Great logic, fat cunt. stfu and go eat some twinkies, you self-righteous, entitled P.o.S.

  12. i will kill all theses people and who ever supports this just msg me and let me know i would love to make a legit red room with you. itll be called ManVSkidtoucher. i will do very very very sick things to you things you wouldnt imagine! NO ONE HURTS KIDS ANIMALS OR FEMALES !! hope you guys die of a very slow brutal death. fuck you cunts ARGH!@#!@$!@

  13. On a brighter note, these supposed safe havens for evil people are getting shut down left and right. I refuse to surf the dark web, but do read news stories about what happens there. Typically I don’t know about the dark corners of the web until someone else shines a light on them. As far as how I ended up here, holy crap what a disturbing waste of time. I continue to argue that political investigations are all illusion, just look at how thorough researchers can be with single criminals. Actually, NO, I did not want a darker web. Thanks for asking though. Personally I’d like a web with far less click bait and a master ad block. The internet; The greatest fiction ever told, or basic proof that technology is bad. This Scully fellow is supposedly on a journey to discover what went wrong with his self. The internet connection might have had something to do with it. Just saying.

    1. I’d just like to point out, that the “dark” web isn’t all pedophiles and murderers. It’s also people with legitimate concerns for their personal security for expressing their distaste for their oppressive governments, whistle blowers bringing forth the evidence of the evil deeds of those in power, online vigilantes going after those who the officials lack the skills, resources or motivation to go after, etc. And then there are a ton of IT enthusiasts who just dig it because it’s neat, another bunch that just enjoy privacy, some garden variety pirates who have different ideologies about what constitutes “stealing”, etc.

    2. Well I read today that he will be escaping the death penalty yet ironically in the Philippines it’s still used for ‘certain’ crimes such as mass drug smuggling..Not sure if you’ve seen the prison he is in but it’s like a holiday camp compared to UK prisons.The guy has access to fresh air and exercise…somehow that seems like an insult to the young lives he’s destroyed,the guy needs a bullet to his head ,plain and simple

    3. Mostly agree with your points, but c’mon… You can’t say that technology is bad. It’s how you use it that makes the difference. Regardless of the current state of technology, sick people will continue to find ways towards sick pleasure. The internet did not invent child abuse. My guess would be that it’s been around since very old times.

      Like always, a new invention can be used both for good and evil. You can use a camera to record precious moments with loved ones, or you can use it for spying. You can use nuclear power to generate electricity or to kill millions in a flash. Usually the benefits of the invention itself are proportional with the damage you can inflict with it.

  14. Thanks for making things clear. I agree. Such a man is a monster and no making him profane, teenagerish, unknowing, subtle, artistic, elegant (like Hanibal or deSade), stupid, crazy etc etc can’t erase his devilish moment. He decided for evil and only God is capable and willing of rescuing him. The problem is he’s already sold.

  15. You misused the word “prevaricated.” Prevaricate means: to speak or act in an evasive way.
    “he seemed to prevaricate when journalists asked pointed questions”

  16. > As for me, I live in hope that we have gone as dark as it goes.

    There will always be something more extreme – and there will always be the appetite for it. You mention the one-upmanship of depravity; there will never be a limit that can’t be surpassed, and there will never be a shortage of people invested in doing exactly that. Not to be bleak, but I think the reality is that demonising perpetrators ultimately becomes a part of the appeal to subsequent perpetrators. No way around that, when there are real victims to protect.

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  18. What i dont understand throughout the whole article is you said that you have to send child porn videos to the site to get access and you had access to the sites so what the Fuck you do you wrongen

    1. I don’t know if that is accurate, I followed this case and have read elsewhere that you have to pay to join the site. And a amouny of 10,000$ to view a video, its shocking that people can pay so much to watch someone get tortured, and even if they have to upload their own video to get access that is even worse what they have done. I hope these viewers also get send to jail and rot in there forever, but strangely nothing has been reported about the viweres of this website. Who is protecting them I wonder?

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  20. In the interest of accuracy. Clearly both hurtcore and pedo’s are horrific. hurtcore is not a child thing. a pedo is not generally hurtcore ad hurtcore is rarely pedo. Again both should be stopped obviously , but haviing incorrect information wont help that cause at all.

  21. children love sex too, and most are fucking brats, pain builds character and all life is expendable – deal with it

  22. Thanks guys for keeping us informed. Always knew that the world is a sick place , but after reading some of the articles published here , man it’s incurable .
    God we need intervention. 😤

  23. You are so wrong about Daisys Destruction. Yes it was a series, 3 not 4 scenes. 3 Girls including a baby and 2 girls I think we’re between 7 and 10. The baby was hung upside down, scorched all over with wax etc but survived. What EVERYBODY does not realise unless they saw it was that the Baby scene was the LEAST horrifying but because it was a Baby media focussed on that but those who know know and those that don’t can come to the same conclusion simply because there are ZERO images ANYWHERE of those 2 scenes, that tells you just how bad it was. You CANNOT FIND ONE image from “DD” apart from that one Baby scene…why? He made the 2 older girls dig their own graves in the last 2 scenes, ONE OF THEM DID DIE IN FILM, choking on…ugh…do I really have to explain that bit. It’s her body buried in his house NOT SOME RANDOM! Oh and Scully did not run NLF, he’s just a Fraudster on the run with zero morals. NLF STILL EXISTS. A Woman runs NLF believe it or not, she has even appeared in the background of scenes only known as “Smoking lady”. In one film she’s sat In the background smoking as an adult woman is strapped down having her limbs chopped. If you look closely at the full logo you will LITERALLY see a silhouette of a woman smoking…THE BOSS!!!! There’s been news reports about Scullys wealth increase whilst in Jail being connected to on going NLF exploits. With all due respect your site is pointless. You don’t have to write elaborate pieces about red rooms. JUST SAY STREAMING VIDEO ON TOR IS IMPOSSIBLE DUE TO BANDWIDTH ISSUES THIS THEY TECHNICALLY CANNOT HAPPEN UNLESS IT’S MERELY A LINK TO A CLEARNET SITE BUT THAT TOTALLY GOES AGAINST THE LOGIC OR ANONYMITY!? Oh and NLF NEVER MADE “Daft Love”!

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