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The curious case of Besa Mafia

Disturbing revelations have come out of a dark web hire-a-hitman site

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 2.21.57 pm

Drugs, hacking services, stolen financial and personal information and fraud-related services are the staple products of the darknet markets. But there has always been websites offering far more sinister wares – poisons, human beings and hitmen. Such sites are overwhelmingly amateurish, poorly worded fakes, designed to separate the gullible from their Bitcoin.

Earlier this year, Besa Mafia burst on to the dark web with a slick and user-friendly site. They claimed to be Albanian organised crime figures, with employees all over the world. Despite laughable “testimonials” and a ridiculous writing style, the owner of the site managed to convince many that they were real.

Besa embarked on a marketing spree on the clearweb, with apparently satisfied customers providing ‘personal stories’ of successful hits. Little by little, belief that they were genuine began to gain traction. Redditors would claim the others were fake, but Besa was the real deal. Believers would stubbornly insist they knew someone who knew someone who hired a contract killer and paid them in Bitcoin.

Dark web mythbuster and Moderator of /r/deepweb, Deku-Shrub was tiring of the misinformation and rumour spreading by Besa shills. He responded to every post that claimed the services offered by the website were real with a rebuttal and even interviewed the site owners, then ridiculed them on his blog, Pirate London.

Rational people knew this site was a scam, just like all the others. Probably some geeky kid with too much time on his hands and too many hours spent on Playstation having a laugh.

Then something happened.

From dark web to the streets

On 10 April, Deku-Shrub emailed a private crypto group with a link to a video he’d received that day. The amateur video showed a car being torched, with a chilling touch. The arsonist held up a piece of paper in front of the burning car that said gang member for besa mafia on deep web – dedication to pirate London 10 April 2016.

A still from the video threatening deku-shrub of Pirate London. The vid has been removed from it original location on Vimeo
A still from the video threatening deku-shrub of Pirate London. The vid has been removed from it original location on Vimeo

Two weeks later, two more cars were torched, this time dedicated to Fox and Pinochet, the admins of Hidden Answers, the dark web’s censorship-free version of Quora. (Videos here and here).

Hidden Answers, and Fox and Pinochet in particular, had also regularly ridiculed any claims that the Besa site was legitimate. They nevertheless ran paid ads for Besa Mafia on their site. ‘Anyone is allowed to put an ad up on the site, as long as they pay for it,’ an admin said.

It looked like whoever owned Besa Mafia was getting a bit pissed off with sceptical bloggers and site admins and was organising the torching of random cars in their honour.

Hitmen hacked

On 25 April, someone claimed to have hacked Besa Mafia’s website and the results dumped to a pastebin. It’s not completely verifiable that the files have genuinely come from Besa Mafia, but if it is a con, it is a very elaborate one. So I’m proceeding on the assumption that it’s genuine.

One file contained all of the emails sent to and from Another contained details of “orders” and a third details of alleged proposed “targets”. According to the pastebin, admin’s password to the site was ‘fucked’.

‘The hack was carried out by a Hidden Answers user,’ a HA mod said in response to an email. ‘No admins were involved.’

It makes for some fascinating, sometimes funny, often sad, and at times troubling reading. The TL;DR is:

  • The site was a complete scam
  • People paid real Bitcoin hoping for real hits to be carried out

The Scam

The scam was carried out in a way that would make a Nigerian prince proud. Anyone who provided Bitcoin was strung along for as long as BesaAdmin could manage, upsold on services and fleeced of increasing amounts of money.

One of the worst hit was the lady who wanted a hit carried out on a woman who “tore my family apart by sleeping with my husband (who then left me) and is stealing clients from my business”, and wanted it to look like an accident. Over two months, she transferred an initial 15 bitcoin, then another 10, then another 4 bitcoin (the transactions are visible on the blockchain), as BesaAdmin dished up excuses for the failure of the murder to take place. Besa was still working on her at the time of the hack. They had relieved her of approximately $13,000.

Others lost varying amounts before twigging that they had been conned. One fellow in India, Hero, who wanted the person who is the “reason my sis died” killed was a little cautious. The last three hitmen he tried to hire ran off with the money he paid up front:

I understand your concern but you also need to understand my point as well. As already said I have already wasted my hard earned money 3 Times as people fooled me as they said they will completed job but after taking the money they ran away.

He had tried to hire two hitmen from and one from LinkedIn. All of them emerged untrustworthy, so it he was a little more reticent with Besa. Poor old “Hero” was scammed again. He handed over money and even provided his phone number, which was kept in the logs.

Another user claimed to have deposited $45,000 of bitcoin to the site to assassinate an African dictator, but he seemed to be trying to scam the scammers.

The thousands of mails are full of people clinging to the belief that their order will be fulfilled, or confident they will receive their money back guarantee. To his credit, BesaAdmin is ingenious in the excuses he comes up with and is prolific in his responses to customers.

Adding insult to injury

“We don’t usually ask this”, wrote BesaAdmin to every person who seemed serious about carrying out a hit, “because we don’t care why you want a hit, but are you the target’s [husband/wife/jilted lover]?”

Sadly for the hapless would-be killers, once BesaAdmin felt they had drained as much Bitcoin as they could get from them (or if they placed an order without paying), they passed on the details to law enforcement, using the email address Most of the email exchanges contain enough detail to identify both victim and the person who wants them gone.

In what appears to be an exchange with a law enforcement agency, BesaAdmin provides details of a Texan who had contacted the site with a request to kill his wife.

“We receive orders to kill people from all over the world,” BesaAdmin explained, “however our site is fake and we don’t have any hitmen. We forward the orders to police departments where the targets are located… We are a team of computer programmers living in Europe, and we made this website as a honeypot for criminals, to fight crime and criminals.”

But somewhat bizarrely, BesaAdmin sent another message to the same law enforcement email address:

I am a former member of Besa, and ex-member of their cyber team.

I don’t work with them any more, but I still have access to their system from a backdoor, the other cyber team members miht find it and remove it soon.

Please notice that Besa is doing real killing for hire, but they are also working with law enforcement to keep it looking like it is fake with the purpose to avoid the site being tracked down.

Their strategy is to do real murders for customer who pay, while giving in customer information who don’t send payment to law enforcement, to claim they are fake and that they give all information in.

Hitmen can also sign up, those who send deposit of 1 BTC get real orders, while those who sign up and don’t send deposit are given to law enforcement.

They are keeping in touch with several police departments and law enforcements, from several countries, I am sending out this message to all known accounts on Besa Mafia to be of law enforcement

Please be aware that only information from customer who do not pay are given to police.

Customers who pay have their orders completed, with 80% going to hitman and 20% to besa mafia marketplace

They claim they work with law enforcement and that they are fake, but they advice customers not to give their real info and not to meet hitman.

They only give out the stupiest customers to law enforcement, those who are stupid to provide lots of info and who don’t pay, this way they mentain the look of fake service that works with law enforcement and this way they don’t get stut down

Hope this message gets to be read by all law enforcements who have accounts on this site before my access gets removed.

I moved out from them and am on a runaway from them, if Besa Mafia finds me they will kill me

I’m frankly at a loss on this one. There seems no point for that email to be written.

An army of shills

The emails also revealed how Besa got so many people to shill for them on Reddit, 4Chan, Quora and anywhere else they might be noticed. A Google search on Besa Mafia brings up pages of glowing testimonials.

Like any good dark web service, Besa offered incentives to bring in potential customers. If someone came to the site using a particular referral link, Besa would pay the referrer 10% of any money paid for hits. Not surprisingly, no such money was ever paid out.

In addition, if anyone wanted to sign on as a hitman, they needed to pay 1 bitcoin into the Besa account to prove they aren’t “kids playing a joke”. But they could earn credits instead by touting Besa and providing stories of their personal experiences in ordering successful hits.

The torchings

If you think the torchings looked real, that’s because they very probably were.

Besa has no shortage of people applying for freelance work. However, before any potential hitman can be allocated a killing or beating, BesaAdmin tells them they have to perform a test. The test was to torch a car, holding a note as specified.

As it turns out, only one potential hitter was up for it. Thcjohn posted proof of the Pirate London torching, which was carried out in Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley. In what appears to be the only payment out of Besa Mafia, he was paid $300 for his efforts and asked to carry out another one.

Thcjohn duly torched another car in honour of Fox and Pinochet, but BesaAdmin deemed the car “too cheap”. He had to do another one with a more modern car, which, eager beaver that he was, he did.

Thcjohn is still waiting for payment for the second and third torchings. Thcjohn probably had no idea who the names on the pages were, or what they meant.

So do they want to hurt people or not?

I’m going with “not”. They are scammers and crooks for sure, but they don’t seem to want to cause physical harm to anyone. BesaAdmin was insistent nobody be hurt during the torchings.

Someone calling themselves Informer offered dox of several Hidden Answers members, including Fox, but BesaAdmin declined.

Hippie, a 45-year-old woman, desperately wanted a loan (Besa advertised loan sharking as well) for $30,000. On hearing that she would have to deposit 1BTC to “prove she wasn’t a prankster”, she became desperate. Besa actually seemed to take pity on her and advised her not to use a loan shark.

She insisted she would come up with the money until eventually BesaAdmin said bluntly: “Our loan sharks usually give loans of 5000 max 30 000 and interest is about 10% per month that is a lot and if you don’t pay they kill you so leave us alone and go to a bank.”

They also provided something akin to compassion to a 17 year old girl who wanted to kill the two boys who raped her. She said it had not gone to court “because of my mental instability”.

And sometimes they cracked a funny. Whe user Netjens asked : “Is there any hitwomen?” BesaAdmin responded: “Why, do you want to make hitchildren?

What is clear though is there are many people who are willing to pay to have other people in their lives murdered, raped or beaten. Some of the requests are terrifying in their brutality.

I couldn’t find any evidence of Bitcoin payments for any Australian targets, although several Australian targets were identified. I have considered contacting one of them, but am not quite sure how you open up a conversation telling a person someone wants an anonymous hitman to “break both his arms”.

The Australian Federal Police told me “Your questions would be best placed with Scamwatch”.

More from the Besa Mafia Files:

Hitting on the Aussies

The little Texas Hit that Wasn’t

Ugly kids are cheaper

Behind CBS News “Click for a Killer”

99 Responses

  1. The entire database claimed to be from besa mafia is 100% fake written by some fictious writer with too much time

    Proof that is was fake is:
    – the database is not real mysql but is plain text, comma separated
    – the things in database are not consistent, either they are doxing info to fbi or they are not, either they are scamming people or they are not scamming, how can you scam people and have pitty on other, if they are crooks they would scam anyone, if they are not crooks they would not scam anyone
    – there is no proof that actual hack hapened; no copy of site released, eg, the hacker could have got copy of site files, php etc, if he really hacked the site

    so basically your article and the so called hack is only trying to get besa mafia more publicity by creating controversy, and in the end for the people to learn that they are really real

        1. Hey All Things Vice – one of the Besa Mafia admins posted on my blog using your name. I knew immediately that it wasn’t you because of the ridiculous writing style. Well, I guess they’re coming after me too now!

  2. Yes
    FBI and the USA goverment is doing a reputation war to destroy the reputation of sites that they can’t shot down
    They are filling the internet with posts poorly writed about besa mafia tesminonials to blame it on besa mafia that they do shilling
    they are also filling the internet with posts that besa has been hacked to scare people from using their services
    However, how it it was hacked then it would be down wouldn’t it?
    if they could hack it one they could hack it again no?
    if some hacker could hack besa mafia why fbi can’t?
    why the site is still up?
    they can’t hack it so they lie
    they try to scare customers away but customer info is not there
    they are fighting besa mafia the only way they could through desinformation and lies

  3. besamafia killed my neaighbours dog in trade for nakked pictures of my 12 yer old sisser. LEGIT

  4. “There seems no point for that email to be written.”

    If I had to guess I would imagine the email was either written by the hacker, who managed to get into the site sooner than claimed and decided to fuck with people. Alternatively, it could be a separate hacker or someone who worked with the site and had a falling out with the admins, using that as a means of revenge.

    1. The so called database was not really a database. Was a text file that could have been edit in notepad.

      The so called hacker was not a hacker. Was someone who wanted to intentionally release a fake database edited in notepad, to make public and FBI think the site is a scam

      This way, the FBI won’t approve an expensive investigation to find the site admins

      The site only works by refferals, meaning that people who know people who got someone murdered through Besa Mafia would use their services .

      No one would send bitcoin to some hitmen site on internet, without knowing someone who did murder on them.

      Do you really think someone would send $10 k or $5 k to some site, without knowing them?

      So, you are just stupid dumb people who are played off into thinking the site is a scam because the admins of the site want it that way as a cover for them to be out of the way of law enforcement

  5. I can now confirm that the hack was actually done because I am that $45000 user. I was and I am still ordering that assasination but not with BESA MAFIA now. So yes If you are reading this. Its true.

    Besa is a scam.

      1. yes, he was one of the shitty customers trolling.. the entire so called hacked database released to public was only 1/3 of the real database, filled with stupid shitty customers that were trolling and a few users who send money just to add validity

  6. The “Dox” of Fox was nothing more than some poor shmucks personal info attached to a google imaged picture of an irish man, meant only to play Besa further and someones hopes of claiming the “bounty” besa put on him, the torchings were not threats towards the Hidden Answers admins but Besa’s attempt to prove his services legitimacy to the Admins who questioned him, nor did Pinochet openly criticize Besa’s claims, other than that, spot on!

          1. Hi Mr. Yura, long time no talk 🙂 should have changed the name like I told you, your writing style hasnt changed either, we also established Yura is not your real name, but I knew you were keeping a watch on this article, and I knew it would bring you back in the comments if I used it, i see your “stop besa” methods still your go-to, people never learn I suppose, Hope you like the heat 🙂

          2. You are really stupid hound, just go off and bang your head to some wall

            I am not mr Yura, and the guy owning this blog claims that besa mafia made quite some large amounts of money from customers..

            so it seems you are frustrated

    1. Hidden Answer admins are smart enoch not to allow any more talk about besa mafia, because all talk either positive or negative is in fact promoting them, all this trolling and flaming does them publicity

  7. Hey people, stop this shetty crap about promoting Besa Mafia website.

    You are all looking stupid and lame, with all these posts.

    First of all, anyone can signup and pretend to be anything. Mpasuppa can pretend to be that $45000 user, other people can pretend to be some Yura, or Pinochet or anyone for that matter

    Anyone can come here and pretend to be a happy customer or a scammed customer.

    Anyone can come here and pretend to be admin of besa mafia and say anything, including that is a scam or that is legit.

    Are you so stupid not to realise this?!?!?!?!!

    That claimed hack ONLY PURPOSE was to PROMOTE Besa Mafia even more, by making the subject controversial.

    The controversial stories sell best, and people talk about it so it spread like fire.

    The owner of this site, Eileen Ormsby, together with the other people promoting Besa Mafia, including Pirate London by his name

  8. Hey people, stop this shetty crap about promoting Besa Mafia website.

    You are all looking stupid and lame, with all these posts.

    First of all, anyone can signup and pretend to be anything. Mpasuppa can pretend to be that $45000 user, other people can pretend to be some Yura, or Pinochet or anyone for that matter

    Anyone can come here and pretend to be a happy customer or a scammed customer.

    Anyone can come here and pretend to be admin of besa mafia and say anything, including that is a scam or that is legit.

    Are you so stupid not to realise this?!?!?!?!!

    That claimed hack ONLY PURPOSE was to PROMOTE Besa Mafia even more, by making the subject controversial.

    The controversial stories sell best, and people talk about it so it spread like fire.

    The owner of this site, Eileen Ormsby, together with the other people promoting Besa Mafia, including Pirate London by his name Chris Monteiro and all other who are promoting Besa Mafia should be in jail.

    If you search the Internet about Besa Mafia you will find 3 types of articles
    1. Articles claiming to be testimnials or from happy users who did succesful murders
    .2 Articles claiming fighting besa mafia as is dangerous and should be closed by police
    3. Articles claiming besa mafia was hacked and exposing some so called database that is plain text edited in notepad

    All articles focus on promoting besa mafia, the first articles to make people belive they are legit
    the second types of articles to make people think they are dangerous
    the 3rd types of articles with the so called hack is to prove to people that NO PERSONAL INFO ABOUT CUSTOMERS is in the so called database, so nothing can be sent to fbi or police

    The purpose of this very article is to make controversy, to make people talk about them and to promote

    Even bad publicity is still publicity and promotion, and if some video later on cracks to you tube with some gang member actually going shooting someone with a besa mafia deep web paper, people here will say it’s fake video or whatever while other will say is real and so on

    However, many things don’t match up

    Pirate London claims he has been offered $5000 or more to remove his articles about Besa Mafia, but he din’t… well, he want to pretent to be such a good journalist that can not be bribed or corrupte, but the truth is that in fact he works for besa mafia to promote it and he gets a share of the revenue

    The owner of this site might be the same, he could be paid by Besa Mafia to promote them, and he is smart enouch not to say ‘go and use them as they are true and legit’ instead he pretends to be a neutral or critical journalist to talk about them being hacked and everything to fool people into beliving he is against besa mafia

    The truth is, everyone publishing articles about besa mafia, either testimonials, or pretending to fight against them, are paid by Besa mafia to promote them and they should be in jail

    How come the besa mafia site was hacked is the hacker din’t stole any bitcoins?
    How come the besa mafia sent only one target info to fbi, in so called database dump? din’t the people who edited the database had time to write more fake fictious messages there to send all targets info to fbi? why only one, were they lazy?

    How come besamafia has hundreds of gang members wanting to do fire, beating and murder? some burned cars on you tube, why din’t besa mafia connected these gang members singing up with the customers wanting to hire hitmen?

    maybe they did? maybe someone released an intentional so called hack database to pretend besa mafia is not doing any murder?

    maybe the so called hack is just to make fbi belive that besa mafia is an innocent scam and that they should leave it alone?

    You have on one hand hundreds of customers paying for hitmen, and on the other hand hundreds of gang members singing up to do murder, etc, at least this is seen from the claimed database

    Are not the hundreds of customers connected to the hundreds of hitmen to do jobs?

    The claimed database has 1/3 of the allegged real database, as the hacked database is 300 users and they saith they had 900 users on site.

    Where is the difference? Maybe someone working for besa mafia, pretended to be the hacker, released intentionally a 1/3 of the database with the junk users to his parteners like Eileen Orsmby and Chris Monteiro, to fill the internet with articles about besa being an innocent scam so that FBI leaves them alone?

    Or maybe the 1/3 of the database with junk users was released intentionally to create controversy and to prove there is no real info about customers there?

    Are you affiliated with Besa Mafia Eileen? Are you Chris?

    Do you have some external escrow ready, do you plan to release articles on other sites soon saying come on and use this external escrow to stay safe from any hitmen site?

    One smart thing was made by Pinoched of Hidden Answers, he banned all talk and discussions about Besa Mafia all together.

    All besa threads were removed, no futher discussion possible about Besa Mafia, well he is one guy that does not allow promotion of Besa Mafia, either legit or fake

    But you other people areound here, either gratifying or claiming to fight against Besa Mafia are promoting it

    You are telling people about Besa Mafia, and they might choose to try them, and use external escrows

    YOU ARE WORKING FOR BESA MAFIA, anyone mentioning the name of besa mafia on deep web is actually working for them

    You pretend to fight them, but you are working for them, just like USA pretends to fight al-quaida and terrorist groups but they created and supported it with guns in the first place!!!

    Normal people are too stupid to understand that by pretending to fight someone, you can mention his name, make him publicity, and you can defend saying you are not promoting him

    And later on, people can use them with external escrows, or some videos with car burning and killing can appear on you tube, and people would think you was wrong and they use them

    And in the end, all this mambo jumbo about controversial things is advertising to them

  9. This article is a lie with invented messages and stories.

    First, FBI would never make an account on such site to beg admins for data about customers, FBI would do an investigation and close the site all together, they don’t beg for info.

    Second, the customers data is anonymous, no one provide details about themselves so there is nothing to give to FBI.

    Third, the site was not a scam because many gang members signed up and provided services, such as burning cars, beating people and killing people.

    The database leack was not really a database leack, but it was just notepad text with the sole purpose to scare users from using the service

  10. I paid Besa Mafia 20 BTC to put a hit on my wife. Did a nice job, but… the problem I have now is that she won’t stay dead! She came back as a zombie! BesaMafia never warned me about stuff like this! She keeps trying to eat my brains!

    A (mostly) satisfied customer from Brazil.

    1. Yes, and I paid Besa mafia 2000 Bitcoin to kill my old lover

      They killed the entire family and two blocks

      All readers of this blog are plain stupid.. they don’t realise that anyone can say whatever they want on the internet, and it doesn’t matter without proof

      There was no proof that the besa was hacked, there was no proof that the database was real, in fact there was proof that it was not real because it was notepad text with lots of invented messages in there so I made this article just to get visitors

          1. Yes, me too.

            However after the block chain investigations, it seems that people have sent several thousands of dollars to this site, which starts making me belive they might not be a scam.

            There are some people who claim that the leacked database was intentional to make public belive the site is a scam, to keep FBI and law enforcement away from it .

            They are working on refferals only, basically those who had succesful murder are reffering friends or trusted people, while the general public stays away thinking is a scam

  11. Besa Mafia is not a scam.

    Me and other people claim is a scam to promote it while keepinig it low on the radar, so that FBI and other organisations won’t close down the site.

    Besa Mafia has the three key things that makes it real:
    – a large amount of customers paying, proof in blockchain
    – a large amount of gang members signing up to provide beating, fire and killing services, they are willing to take orders from besa admins and from the customers, proof in the video
    – a way for the customers to talk to the gang members on site, to get things done

    All others who say one thing or an other are stupid people

    1. What are you going to do about my zombie wife? I’ve re-buried her 3 times now, and she keeps crawling out of the hole.

      Don’t you have some procedure for this or something? Maybe an Orthodox priest?


  12. Clarification for stupid people:

    This article is a fiction.

    There is strong evidence that the leacked database was an edited version of a partial real database, to make it look as a scam

    I wrote this article because it was fun, and it should not be considered a real story

    Many people claim that me and Chris Monteiro are owning the Besa Mafia, so my public statement on the site is that it is real and dangerous and it should be closed down by Police.

    I am not affiliated in any way with this site

  13. Everybody knows that Besa Mafia is real, it has real customers who pay money and real gang members who do orders.

    Those videos are of gang members who did test orders to prove they are desperate to take jobs from customers

    The site has an working messaging system between customers and gang members so I don’t see why they would not communicate with each other .

    The database dump is fake and it was released by Chris Monteiro aka Deku-Shrub, after he exported the old database and edited it in notepad to make it appear fake.

    He deleted all completed jobs and customers, from over 1000 he remained with 300 , and he futher changed messages and added new messages to make it look as a scam

    The Besa Mafia website was made by Chris Monteiro an experienced deep web programmer and specialist, for Yura Berisha and albanian guy living in London and involved with the local Albanian Mafia.

    As proof you can view the source of the Besa Mafia website, and the source of the Pirate.London website, the site of Chris Monteiro, and see both sites have the same google analytics tag id, meaning they go to the same account

    I don’t know if Eileen is involved in this project, but she probably is, because there is no other deep web specialist so interested in promoting the Besa Mafia as a scam except these two people

  14. Earlier this year from the hundreds of Deep Web experts, only two people standed up and invested days into writing long articles that Besa Mafia is a scam.

    Eileen Ormsby, aka OzFreelancer on reddit, and Chris Monteiro, aka Deku-Shrub on reddit .

    Despite customers who paid large amount of money as Bitcoin to the Besa Mafia, despite the fact that none of them put complaints on the Internet, and despite videos of burned cars made by gang members who wanted to take orders from Besa Mafia, Eileen Ormsby and Deku-Shrub claim the site is a scam.

    If the site has real customers who pay money, real gang members who burn cars to prove they want to take orders, and real working messaging system on the site for the customers to communicate with the gang members, why do they say is a scam?

    The Besa Mafia site it is OBVIOUSLY NOT A SCAM.

    But the two people claim is a scam, and tens of mindless stupid journalists just copy pasted the story to their own sites, writing the same thing, that Besa Mafia is a scam.

    How can they say the site is a scam, when is not?

    Chris Monteiro, the programmer of the site, exported an old version of the site to text, deleted all customers who had completed jobs, from 1000 customers on the real site he remained with less than 300 on the fake database, then he edited the messages to make it look as is a scam

    Chris then released the fake database dump on the Internet by the name of bRsnd some hacker and claimed that the site was hacked, without providing any proof, because he couldnt, the site was never hacked

    Days later, Chris and Eileen started to claim that the Besa Mafia is fake, based on the fake database dump released by Chris

    Why do they promote it as a scam?
    Because the two people own the Besa Mafia, Chris Monteiro aka Deku-Shrub developed it for Yura Berisha, an albanian guy living in London who is involved with the albanian mafia, and Eileen Ormsby is an deep web expert who wrote a book on Silk Road and she knows that the best way to camouflage a site to protect it from FBI is to claim publicy that is a scam .

    Besa Mafia is one of the most controversial hitmen for hire site on the net. Run by Eileen Ormsby alias OzFreelancer, and Chris Monteiro alias Deku-Shrub, Besa Mafia has a special camouflage technique to resist to FBI and law enforcement, it is promoted as a scam.

    FBI and law enforcement won’t approve big budgets and investigations on sites considered by The Internet to be scams.

    FBI and law enforcement spend their resources based on the severity of the crimes. If Besa Mafia hitmen don’t leave traces, and if The Internet says is a scam, FBI will leave it alone

    How can it make any money if public thinks it’s a scam?

    Besa Mafia makes money from the initiated criminals who know someone who used their service with success. Is not meant for the general public, it doesn’t make money from the average Internet user.

    The initiated criminals signup on the Besa Mafia site and place orders. Other criminals signup as gang members to provide services. And the general public thinks that the site is a scam, thanks to several smart promoting articles by its owners, Eileen Ormsby and Chris Monteiro who pretend to fight the site.

    And the FBI and law enforcement leave the site alone, because public thinks is a scam, so there is no point in approving big budgets and investigations on closing the site.

    Eileen Ormsby, a deep web expert who wrote a book on Silk Road, advised Chris and Yura to market the Besa Mafia as a scam, to avoid any investigation from FBI.

      1. I know. We have the same purpose, of promoting Besa Mafia don’t we?

        We are partners on this, remeber the game good cop bad cop?

        Good criminal bad criminal?

        You are saying the site is a scam, based on the fake database released by Chris Monteiro, I say the site is legit, and the article stays at top of search engines

        No one else from the deep web has any benefits or interest into promoting Besa Mafia but me, and you, right?

    1. Yes, the database dump is clearly fake, anyone knows that

      The dump is fake because it contains things that are not possible in the real world
      – several customers sent money many times, without any completion of any job, this is not possible, if someone sends money once and doesn’t get what he paid for, he won’t send the money second time or third time like it appears in the fake dump
      – no one is stupid enouch to say i am anonymous but kill my wife, this is her name, address, etc, because he realise that his wife has a single husband and by saying is his wife he tells who he is, if people want to kill their wifes, they only provide name and picture they don’t need to say is their wife
      – the FBI is not so stupid to make an account on Besa Mafia to beg for info from admins, because the info could be incomplete or fake from admins, and FBI doesn’t put itself in the position of having the besa mafia admins playing jokes on them by giving fake info

      Anyone knows the database dump is fake, but Eileen pretends not to see the obvious truth, she plays stupid because she has interest of claiming Besa Mafia is fake to keep the FBI away from it

      Everybody knows that Besa Mafia is real and everybody knows that those people who talk about it probably own it, so it is owned by Chris Monteiro, owner of Pirate.London

      Chris Monteiro pretends to fight his own site, in order to keep the FBI away from the site and from him

      He says the site is a scam to keep FBI from spending money and budgets into inevstigating

      But the site is real. It has real customers who pay, real gang members who do orders like burning cars, see the video dedicated to Pirate.London

      The database dump is fake, it was exported by Chris from an old database to text, then he deleted completed customers and messages, from 1000 customers remaining less than 300 in the fake dump

      He then edited the text to make it look like the fake dump proves the Besa Mafia is fake, so that FBI would leave alone his site

      All kind of drug dealers and criminals know his site is real and signup there to use services, some people order and other people provide services

      Proof that the Besa Mafia is owned by Chris Monteiro is

      – the same logical scheme is both on Besa Mafia and Pirate London, proving that Chris made them both

      – besa mafia has google analytics just view the source, and has the same google id tag as here on Pirate London, basically both besa mafia and pirate london belong to the same google analytics account and I doubt that Besa Mafia admins wanted Chris to know their visitors and stats it proves that Chris owns Besa Mafia

      – gang members who signup to provide services are asked by chris to do a car burn dedicated to his site, Pirate.London

      After gang members do the car burns, Chris gives them order from customers, so there are no complaints from customers on the Internet

      Besa Mafia is a real hitmen for hire site, desguised as a scam, this is the best way to keep a hitmen for hire protected from fbi

      Is like painting a real gun to look like a toy, with yellow muzzle, and then you can waive it in front of cops and say this is a toy, and you don’t get shot

      Chris Monteiro is a smart guy who pretend to fight his own site, and who says about the site that is a scam to keep FBI away

      And the criminals use it easily without being discovered

  15. Eileen Ormsby seems to be one of the owners of the Besa Mafia website, and she is claiming the site is a scam to keep FBI and police away .

    Now if you search for Eileen Ormsby you find several articles in the top results showing her link to Besa Mafia and there is no smoke without a fire.

  16. Hi,

    Your articles are great, but in the case of Besa Mafia you eated some shitty bait about that the database leack . You might want to update your article saying that the database leack might have been fake for the following reasons, or readers who think this for themselves might consider you dumb:

    The arguments to sustain that Besa Mafia was real and that the leaked database was fake is:

    1. Many customers paid but no complaints.
    there were many customers who paid, ( total over 200$ Bitcoin ) according to the researchers, with visible transactions on the blockcian. However there are NO COMPLAINTS from any customers anywhere about being scammed. The hacker with fake dump could have post anonymous complaints at least to make his fake dump look real. Apparently hackers lying that it was a scam, didn’t took the time to submit fake complaints from anonymous customers

    2. Many customers paid more than once
    some customers paid more than once, several times, acording to the bitcoin transactions in the blockchain. The hackers with fake dump admitted customers paid several times, in their fake database. But in reality no person would send more money if they din’t got the service for the first payment

    3. There were no arrests
    there were no arrest made. This proves that database dump was fake. If it was real, then police would have arrested that guy who saith ‘this is my wife that I want to kill, with her name and address’. That customer was clearly fake, because no customer would say the relation between him and the target

    4. No source code no mysql
    the site source code was not released. the database was not mysql
    This proves the leaked database was fake because if PHP source code was public anyone would see the code encrypted orders and messages before storing in database

    5. Plaint text edited in notepad
    the database dump was plain text, edited in notepad, with unbelievable messages, such as FBI user who begs for information about customers, or customer who says ‘this is my wife target info’, no one would specify what relation there is between him and the target

    Bottom line:

    Hackers are contradicting themselves.
    there are customers who paid, some paid several times, no complaints from customers not even anonymous, no arrests have been made, no real mysql database and no source code of the site.

    Just some plain fake dumped database edited in notepad full of shit like FBI begging for info, customers who saith ‘this is my wife i wanna kill’

    The hack was real, the site was closed down two months later ( they tried to investigate and break encryption ) but there were no arrests

    Why would they lie it was scam, if it wasn’t?

    Because if they would admitted it was a legitimate and successful business, a dozen of other hitmen for hite sites would have appeared.
    Because customers would have had more trust to order hitmen for hire online, and the business would have flourished

    Remember when FBI closed down the SilkRoad in 2013 ? They saith it was a big online drug marketplace, with hundreds of millions in trade
    What happened? Silk Road 2.0 appeared and a dozen of other dark marketplaces, AlphaBay, etc.

    If you kill some loved person, you can turn it into a Martyr, remember?
    If you kill some site you make people launch a dozen of other sites.

    They thought is better to say the site is a scam before killing it.

    Let me know if you want more info

    1. Yura, you are the only one who is still harping on about this. Everybody else thought your site was an amusing story and moved on. I don’t know if you are just trying to drum up business for your new site (Hey everybody, it is called “Chechan Mafia” go look it up and send Yura all your Bitcoin) but seriously, by posting these diatribes you just bump up the search rankings for my site and everybody gets to read about the scam again.

      But thanks for being a loyal All Things Vice fan 😉

      1. Eileen, I am not the only one harping about this. There are still people looking for hitmen online they are ready to pay and serious about it. And there are people looking to earn money from murdering other people.
        This could be an amusing story for you, but is a tragit story for the wife of that man who shoot her in the head, after Besa failed to do the job
        Any maybe many other customers who ordered on Besa, if the besa was shot down they did the jobs themselves

        I don’t understand, why do you want to help murderers anyway?!?!?!

        I have posted that video to show that murder for hire is real, and that they should be hunted by FBI, but instead you are helping the murderers by telling them how to be safe?

        I hope that you sleep better at night knowing that at least one wife was murdered because of you

        Maybe not entirely your fault but about 20% ??

  17. If someone made a six-figure salary by scamming people, then they figured they would do ten times or one hundred times more if they murder for hire is real?
    I mean, only 1% of the market share was stupid enough to get scammed by fake sites that provided no proof? I don’t remember for Besa to provide any proof
    Maybe besa was a copy cat after a real site? maybe that person who hacked the site made a better version?
    Either way besa had some new signups of wannabe hitmen doing car fires and shit, and seems as other sites have a lot of people signing up to be hitmen and they might be crazy people with guns doing the real deal?

    Crime Bay is a real hitman for hire site because they provide real proof:

    More videos will be available soon as soon as they publish them and I find them

    So Crime Bay is the first site that published a proof video, unlike other hitmen sites

    On crime bay you can signup to be an operative, you get a test order, and you get approved to see orders from customers.

    You can also put any username in the message page and email other users

    The crime bay is the first real marketplace that accepts murder and that provides video proof

    So watch out your ass and stop messing with them. they are crazy people with guns and they might pay you a visit

      1. You are not correct and fair, you remove video evidence that crime bay is real and legit

        I hope that you are smart enough to remove your articles and leave the sites alone or you might get a visit. You are annoying the wrong people and it might not end up well for you

      1. Yes, this is not an expert hitman.
        He is an amateur.. what can you expect for a $5000 hit… ?
        He is some crazy guy with an amateur pistol shooting some person into the back

        he is not even using a supressor

        But as you can see, there were many fucked up people who signup to do bad things for the money, so as soon as a market is up and working people will signup to provide services

          1. You can easily signup for an account at crime bay site,

            Click on send message, and put there my username: Edgy_Teen

            You can basically send a message to any user on the site, including me

  18. Police now have names of 400 “targets” from Chechen Crimebay and are arresting those who have a grudge against them and taking all their computers and digital media. Charges of”soliciting murder” carry up to life in prison.
    Can anyone help me?

    1. No one can arrest you, for example I am using my real name in here and they don’t arrest me

      You know why? Because I say I didn’t do this post, someone else did

      I used a VPN to hide my real IP and to show an IP from a different country, I use a different writing style and I have no traces or evidence on my laptop that I did this

      So if you delete your traces you can always say that someone else submitted a murder request on that hitmen site and tried to make it look like it was you

      After all the hitmen site doesn’t ask for an id card nor a written signature nor any proof of identity so anyone can submit orders on behalf of any person there

      You can submit an order to make it look like it was someone else or a friend or even put the name of your enemy there do you think they will arrest him?

      No, if they don’t find any evidence on his computer

      So delete the evidence on your computer and you are fine

  19. The Besa Mafia site was real, however the FBI decided to lie and say it was a scam to discourage murderers from ordering from other hitmen sites

    Also Eileen is doing a moral thing here by calling a real hitmen site a scam, to discourage murderers from ordering from similar hitmen sites

    If the site was really a scam, no one would have saith it was a scam because no one wants to help murderers stay safe from scams

    Allwine murder has been done by a Besa Mafia hitmen, who was too stupid to do the murder right, he was instructed to do the murder as a suicide but he put the gun next to the wrong hand, and withnesses also saw a car leaving in high speed from the place after the murder

    Allwine was sentenced for murder but a hitman from besa mafia did it, not him

    Besa Mafia had sequel site that keept in touch with allwine after the original site was hacked and taken down

    Here are some latest crimes done by the Sicilian Hitmen, before being closed by FBI
    This was done by the Luigi hitman from SIcilian Mob, he waited for the target to come to his car and start engine to leave and then it went there and shot him dead

  20. Hi Eileen,

    I dare you to do a truth or dare experiment.

    Put your name on the author meta tag on your hire a hitman site at http://2dsfjelfbxdjnjtp.onion

    You can also put your name of your co-founder, Chris Monteiro at the author secion.

    Make it look something like

    If anyone asks you about it, you can say that someone else did the site and that they just used your name on it, without your permission

    So, is like you can tell everybody on the site that you are the author, but they have no proof so they can’t arrest you.

    Funny no?

    Let me know aftter you have put it there, if you have the courage to do it ! 🙂

  21. Eileen let’s play a new game please let me make this announcement here to see how many people interested to provide real assault services are interested if there would be a real assault marketplace not a fake one like besa

    Because this website ranks very well for searches related to besa mafia, hitmen for hire and murder services, it gets read often by people interested to learn more about these services

    Assuming that this website gets read not by people interested in shoes, but by people interested to order murder or to provide murder services, I am asking here all the criminals and villains who want to join the work on a real assault marketplace, to contact me at BM-2cU2V8Jt8c9ped4u4NYDFARqqanwdWRw8o or to post here their message

    You can download for free the bitmessage app and send me messages to the address above

    I am Yura, a programmer who worked with Chris Monteiro and Eileen Orsmby to make Besa Mafia and I was locked out of the site when Chris decided to fake a hack and to give the targets to the media

    Since there Chris made several other scams based on the website template and made hundreds of bitcoins from scamming people and saving lives

    I am tired of scams, I am courious if there are real villains who are interested to provide real services on a real assault marketplace where criminals can provide their services

    I want to see if there are people who can be admins, several people who can do programming, and as many people as possible who can do assault and murder

    So anyone interested to provide real assault services please post here, and don’t worry they can’t trace you if you hide your ip and don’t provide real info

    note cops can’t be approved because we give tests to harm innocents that we can check afterwards

    1. Yes, I Chris Monteiro and Eileen Orsmby are recruiting real hitmen to join our soon upcoming new and real murder for hire marketplace.. do you want to join?

      We are going to do this public, but law enforcement can’t do anything to us because we will always say it was a joke.

      I can publically claim I killed 20 people, but without evidence no one can arrest me

      I can publically say I will do a real murder marketplace, and then even do a real murder marketplace but without evidence that my public comments were really placed by myself no one can arrest me I will claim that someone else made a real murder for hire marketplace and used my name to publically declare I did it

  22. It is clear to anyone that besa mafia was a real site

    Any talks about it being fake is just from undercover cops to discourage real murderers to order from other similar real hitmen sites

    They all say is fake NOT because they want to help murderers be safe from scams because people around here are moral people who don’t want to help murderers, they say is fake because these sites are real and because by saying it’s fake they are discouraging murderers from ordering and they are saving lives

  23. My name is Juan A. Gomez, I am not afraid of posting my name because I am already a fugitive and searched by Police all across the world.

    I first killed two guys in 2006, I shot them both in the head with my gun. I ran away and managed to stay away from police to this date.

    I killed many people since then, most for drug related issues

    I am short of money right now and I am happy to kill any person in Washington and near by, with payment through bitcoin in escrow.

    You choose escrow and I am happy with it as long as is a reputable service .

    I am only able to kill normal people, I won’t kill celebrities or presidents.

    Jokers or trolls please ignore this . Anyone else needing a job please message me to (BM-2cTZQK27KGztHoXePg9fnKZFdA8jWnaY92) via bitmessage . I kill for $15 000 minimum, but it depends on the job .

    If you recommend any serious dark web marketplaces that allow assault services I will be happy to join

    I don’t ask for money in advance but don’t try to rip me off we will use a secure way

    1. Check your bitmessage, I have sent you a proposition

      I am doing now a campaign to show to the world that even IF ONE PERSON USES HIS OWN REAL NAME when commenting in relation to murder, and even if ONE PERSON ORDERS MURDER AND KILLING BY USING HIS OWN NAME, police can’t arrest him because he can always claim that SOMEONE ELSE DID THAT COMMENT OR ORDERED MURDER

      Police can’t arrest someone for names on forums, murder sites, or public places. They can only arrest someone if evidence is found on your computer

      That’s how Russ Ulbright the owner of Silk Road was arrested, they found evidence on his computer! They busted him with his compoter open and they got it from him when he was logged in his site!

      If he would have been smart enouch to claim that he hacked that site, and that he was just taking a look around there when they got him, maybe he had a chance to escape

      So, I am going to soon release a real murder for hire marketplace, with lots of killings, and if ever relation to my name occurs I will say I am framed

      This is why, I tell you customers who want to order murder for hire don’t be afraid of ordering such services, you can always use someone else name as customer name and you can always make it look like someone else ordered the murder !

      Just make sure you always:
      1. Use different writing style when writing criminal stuff, ordering murder, poison, etc so it looks like it wasn’t you
      2. Use someone elses name, make it look like it was someone else.. if anyone points at you say you was framed
      3. Always hide your ip
      4. Always use encryption on your laptop hide everything


    Some hitmen sites are real, other hitmen sites are fake and they are run by Chris Monteiro aka deku_shrub from London, who owns the site pirate london

    So, TO ALL WHO CLAIM THAT HAVE BEEN SCAMMED BY HITMEN SITES, if you trully have been scammed you now know who is the man behind the scams, you know who to go and give a good beating for your money: Chris Monteiro from London

    Go paint his car, trash his car, cut his car wheels wait him outside and give him a good beating


    Some hitmen sites are real, I am not recommending any, but just go look for yourself and you will find the truth

    If you google a bit about scam hitmen sites, you will only find a few names linked to these kind of sites, articles, comments and stories.

    That is Eileen Orsmby aka ozfreelancer who has the site allthingsvice dot com, and Chris Monteiro aka deku_shrub who has the site pirate dot london , and an alias Yura, who is clearly not the guy from the video as no one accepts to be filmed after conducting murder for hire

    Isn’t it strange that the only people harping around hitmen sites are Eileen Orsmby and Chris Monteiro? Isn’t it strange that the only people obsessed with hitmen sites are Eileen Orsbmy and Chris Monteiro?

    Even the reporter in the CBS 48 hours show realised that Chris Monteiro IS YURA . He asks him are you Yura? And Chris Montiero lowered his head in shame that he has been caught, then grabs the moment and becomes an actor raising his head in laught and says no!

    Even Police in London realised Chris Monteiro IS YURA and they busted his door and arrested him, seized his laptops and hdds and sticks and searched for evidence, but they found none as the evidence was well hidden and encrypted, and they released him later, Chris Monteiro is an expert and a programmer and he knows how to hide and encrypt his files

    Chris Monteiro keeps his files, work and bitcoin well hidden in encrypted partitions, while pretending he is against hitmen sites, condemning hitmen sites, attacking an shadow projection Yura and pretending he is a ethical hacker who hacks hitmen sites and expose their scams and gives the targets to police

    But why isn’t Chris Monteiro hacking other deep web marketplaces? Because he can’t? How come he can’t? Because he only hacks the site he owns? Hitmen sites?

    There is no news of Chris Monteiro hacking any deep web marketplace or any other site except hitmen sites

    Chris Monteiro is running two identities, one doing murder for hire, with some succesful murders to spread the word and get customers and other pretending he fights murder for hire exposing targets and saving lives to account for a roobin hood personality and escape jail charges

    I am a freelancer scammed by Chris Monteiro, and I told him I will expose his doings in revenge for scamming me, he pays lots of freelancers to write shitty stories, articles and comments to support the ideea that someone else wrote them and someone else must be behind hitmen sites

    Not all hitmen sites are fake, some are fake and some are real, just as with everything

    My advice to all looking into hitmen sites, stay away from beliving anonymous comments!!! The internet is full of fake articles, stories, comments and things some so don’t trust anything unless you know the person who is saying that

    Some fake stories, articles and comments say all hitmen are fake, to discourage customers from ordering and to save lives

    Some fake stories, articles and comments say all hitmen are real to direct you to scams, so always trust your gut and never trust stories comments and articles

  25. Let’s spike a bit the things up, James, and get more visitors to Eileen site and to her book, by my declaration that yes, everything you say is true!

    I, Chris Monteiro have been arrested!!!

    However because I am such a mastermind on scamming, they let me go, as THEY GOT NO EVIDENCE

    I, Chris Monteiro can claim all *evidence* found on my laptops related to Besa Mafia, such as databases, website source code, php, html,emails from customers and bitcoin addresses were obtained when I hacked the website, that is IF POLICE MANAGE TO GET AROUND MY ENCRYPTION

    So, I, Chris Monteiro claim to hack my own site, so that if I ever get caught with materials found only on the website server, I could claim I got it when I hacked the site!

    I, Chris Monteiro am pretending to fight against hitmen sites to build my alibi, I tell Police and judges that I always fighted hitmen sites, exposed them

    I, Chris Monteiro am pretending to hack my own sites to build my alibi, getting an explanation for why Police is finding website files on my computer, bitcoin addresses, etc.. I got it from the hack!

    I, Chris Monteiro build new rebranded hitmen sites, let them be for a while such as months or year, then when too many customers complain of being scammed I hack the site and makes all public!!!

    This way I also avoids charges of accessory to murder, because I gave to the police the details of the targets!!!

    Don’t trust the hitmen sites built by me, Chris Monteiro

    An other proof that I, Chris Monteiro am Yura and owner of hitmen sites: I never got beated up by Yura!!!

    Now suppose that Yura, the owner of hitmen sites made 500 bitcoins, about $6 millions USD at a time when most of it has been cashed, last year in december, according to blockchain transactinos, so I am kind of rich. Would’nt I be upset with Chris Monteiro who hacked and exposed my sites if I would be a different person?

    Wouldn’t Yura travel to russia or some country with high crime rates and pay someone to beat up well Chris Monteiro for exposing my scams ?

    I mean, pretend that you are the owner of some scam sites that made you millions, wouldn’t you beat up, trash the car or do some psihical harm to the guy who is keeping exposing you? Or wouldn’t you pay some big money like $1 million USD of the $6 millions USD to him to shut up ?

    Is difficult to imagine that I, Chris Monteiro would refuse $1 million USD as bribe to shut up exposing scam sites, because in that case I would be either plain stupid or well determined to help would be murderers and criminals to be safe from scams

    But the truth is simple, I, Chris Monteiro am Yura, am same person who made hitmen scams, same person who made $6 millions USD from it, same person who does everything and Police can’t do a fucking thing about it because I am too smart for it

    I do this declaration here from Tor Browser, without my real IP and I can always declare later that someone else did this declaration for me, and this is why I deliberately write in a bad style with lots of spelling mistakes

    I even put my name on the hitmen site at author section, and I could always say someone else put it there

    Without evidence found on my laptop, I can always say I was framed and trust me I know how to hide that evidence well

  26. ATTENTION!!!




    that is because no journalist or editor wants to help would be murderers by telling them which hitmen site is a scam, in order for the would-be murderers to stay away from it.

    that would mean journalists are helping would be murderers to stay away from scams and honeypots and to achieve their plan of killing the victim by other means, such as direct murder or hitmen from streets, etc

    no journalists want to help the would-be murderers, because journalists want to save lives and to do moral things and they can also be accused by police with accessory to murder if they help criminals and murderers in any way, even by telling them which sites are scams and which are not

    that is why you will never find true reliable advice from journalists that have a name on their site because they can be arrested for helping murderers

    You can only trust journalists on deep web that are anonymous, but please consider that even they can be undercover cops lying so the best is to TRUST NOONE!!!!!

    you can test and try everything while making sure you can’t be burned

    that means




    out of all you will find the legit ones yourself and you will have your order completed and then you pay

    other than that fake sites won’t do any money because no one pays upfront

    please also note that


    by doing this they save lives



    FBI and journalists won’t report fake sites, because they want murderers to be trapped and scammed!

    FBI and journalists will say about fake sites that are real!!!

    FBI and journalists will say about honeypot sites that are real!!!

    FBI and journalists will say about real sites that are fake to discourage customers from ordering and to save lives!!!


    THE MORE ARTICLES YOU SEE SAYING A SITE IS FAKE, THE MORE IT MEANS IS REAL and that FBI and journalists are just desperate to scare people away from using it!!!

    Remember, journalists are moral and etic people who love to save lives, not to help murderers, so they will never help murderers by telling them which hitmen site is a scam and which is real!!

    They only pretend to tell, but they are lying to save lives and to trap customers by saying fake sites are real and real sites are fake!

    So how do you ensure you don’t get scammed?




  27. This entire phony site and the many others are all a deep false “Wacko” Chris Monteiro another fake person who says he is a Cyber crime Security expert he is NOT. He lives off the doll, has NO University Degrees never worked for the Government any….

    He scammed 48 Hours since no one else fell for his vast conspiracies and CBS did, wants to be paid big bucks and Blanket USA Immunity for all Crimes he has committed before he will come to the USA.

    Chris, is a mentally ill patient and spreads his lies to whom ever will listen, he is a wannabe and he will never be anything in the real World. According to the real experts at NRO/NSA/MI-6/MI-5/CIA/FBI and others Chris is nothing more than a scam artist and con man. He is not only Yura, but also Yuri, Sergay, Albanians Besa member all fake. So once you read his mental health records his Criminal records you’ll see what a deeply, disturbed and Manipulative personality he has deep Mal adaptive patterns of grand illusions.

    CM aka Chris Monteiro and the many other names he uses is a deeply disturbed person……

  28. Yura is not a person. Several people worked on hitmen sites saying they are Yura…. the true name of the most active of them is Yura is Laslo Horvat he is a programmer fom Hungary he goes often to romania

    Other people who have worked on hitmen sites, fake or real:
    Andrei Urucu
    Marius Olteanu
    Claudiu Corobian
    Darius Cobretti
    Andrei Cercel
    Leonard Barbu
    Cosmin Mihu
    Maius Postolache
    Andrei Vatavu

  29. These people who run fake hitmen sites are foiling murderers plans to kill people and are saving many victims from being killed

    Many people who want someone dead are well determined, and will do the killing themselves if nothing else works.

    That was the case of Stephen Allwine, he tried everything to kill his wife and when everything failed he killed her himself

    When people try fake hitmen sites and get scammed, they get discouraged and most give up.

    Other people get arrested by Police and the they can not try other means to kill their victim

    Even if one single customer gets arrested by Police, as an indirect result of customer ordering on a fake hitman site, then one life is saved and the fake hitman site did a good thing

    But there are many customers who got arrested by Police so there were many lives that were saved

    Look this interesting story

    A thief stole a suitcase that had inside a bomb from terrorist. The thief saved lives

    Do you prefer the thief not to steal the bomb?

    Do you prefer people not to run fake hitmen sites? If there would be no fake hitmen sites, lots of people will search for alternative ways to kill the victims

    And more victims would be dead

  30. All hitmen on dark web are fake, but they have a good impact on society as they decrease murder rates.

    Fake hitmen put obstacles in the customers plans of killing someone, this causing a decrease in killing rate per year because lots of customers give up on their killing plan or they get arrested by police

    As a result fake hitmen decrease killing rates because:
    They stall the customers as much as possible, making them wait for a hit that never happens, buying time for targets ( without being tricked into waiting for a hit, a customer could decide to do the kiling by himself )
    They scam the customers of their money, over and over again, so that the customers cannot afford to pay criminals on dark alleys later if they decide to
    They send target information to police, so that police have a chance of saving the targets

    So all these things, stalling the customers, scamming the customers, sending target info to police, is actually doing it more difficult for people to achieve their killing plans, lots of them give up

    Would you prefer that someone who wants to kill you, gets lots of obstacles in the way? Like fake hitmen, a faulty gun, fake poison, broken knife etc?

    Why do you want to remove these obstacles for the people who plan to murder someone? Why do you teach them how to avoid fake hitmen, or how to check the gun before to make sure it works etc?

  31. ……One would expect when they arrested operators to shut down sites at the same time, yet no people have been arrested, and no sites have been shut down with the FBI logo.

    The USA police are just promoting fake news articles, and they are pursuing wrong leads, trying to punish innocent people to cover up their inability to find the real owners

  32. Fake hitmen sites are obstacles in the way of those would be murderers who want someone dead.

    Fake hitmen sites do not go out to innocent people trying to convince them to kill someone.

    Fake hitmen sites stay passively and wait for people who already decided in their minds they want someone dead, to come to these fake hitmen sites

    Those who for whatever reason decide they want someone dead, are usually starting to find ways to kill the person

    And because they are afraid of doing it on their own, they start searching to hire a hitman who could do it for them

    This is why people who already decided they want someone dead come to the fake hitmen sites to solicit murder.

    These people who want someone dead, use search engines to search for keywords such as hire a hitman or hitmen to find hitmen sites

    The fake hitmen sites then put obstacles in the face of the would be murderers, by consuming their resources such as time and money, by stalling
    and stalling and stalling until most of the would be murderers give up and decide to abort the plan

    In some cases the would be murderers get over the anger or whatever caused them to want a person dead, and forgive about it

    In other cases the would be murderers lose hope in finding a hitman and give up

    In some rare cases the would be murderer is very determined to do the killing no matter what, with all costs, then they will try other ways, and if everything fails they will do it by their own

    The fake hitmen sites are doing good to society because it stalls and delays would be murderers in their plan until they either gave up or they get arrested

    The fake hitmen sites are trapping would be murderers and stall them for long enough that many would be murderers give up on their plan to have someone dead

    The fake hitmen sites are decreasing the murder rates and the killings because they cause many of the would be murderers to give up

    Webmasters usually think that all scams are bad, and they hurry up to report all scams, regardless of what are about

    But the truth is, scamming good people is bad. Scammers of good people should be reported

    Scamming criminals who want to do bad things such as killing, raping, mass shootings, and child abuse is good if this scamming stops the criminal from doing the crime

    If you report the scammers to such criminals, you are actually helping the criminals to avoid the scammers and you are helping the criminals do their plan of doing the crime and you are actually doing accessory to murder

    Scamming people who want to hire hitmen is good, it is ethical scamming

    It is bad to scam or steal from good people.

    But is it bad to scam or steal from people who want to kill or child abusers if this stealing or scamming stops them?

    No. It is called ethical scamming

    Ethical scamming is when you scam a criminal and you stop him from doing a higher crime than the scamming itself

    Imagine some guy who wants to buy an AK47, illegally. He doesn’t plan to use it to plant flowers, obviously. He plans to use it in some mass shootings.

    If you scam the guy, taking his money and not delivering any AK47 is it bad? Is bad for that criminal, but is good for society because the criminal might be on a tight budget or a tight time frame to do what he is planning to do, and if you take away his resources, his time, his money, you are stopping him from doing whatever his plan is

    If there is a child abuser who wants to kidnap a child, and ask to buy sleeping gas from you, is it bad to scam him?

    No, because by doing that you might save the child.

    Helping good people is good, but helping bad people is not good.

    That’s why one should help good people who want to do good stuff, and should cause trouble to the bad people who want to do bad things

    If you are unsure whether the person wants to do good or bad, you don’t help him, but when the person comes to you and says he wants to hire someone to kill a person, or he wants to buy a gun, or he wants to abuse a child, or he wants to place a bomb or whatever bad things, then you should announce the police as soon as possible, but until the police can step in and catch the guy you can just stall the guy and make him trouble, stopping him from whatever he wants to do by either consuming his time or stealing his money or taking away whatever he plans to use for doing the crime

    Fake hitmen sites are ethical scammers. Call them white hat scammers.

    Just like white hat hackers, the white hat scammers are doing good to society. They cause a decrease in crime because they cause trouble for the criminals and make it difficult for the criminals to achieve their goals

    Those of you who report fake hitmen sites, you are actually helping would be murderers to avoid fake hitmen obstacles and go to the real ones, you are helping would be murderers to find real hitmen easier and you are helping them to commit their killings.

    Anyone helping a would be murderer to get a killing completed, is committing accessory to murder. It carries a prison sentence of a life sentence in prison or a death sentence for first-degree murder, life imprisonment for second-degree murder, and imprisonment of up to 15 years for third-degree murder.

    In other words, if some would be a murderer is searching for hitmen, and with the help of your site he avoids fake hitmen sites because you list what hitmen sites are fake, and after he avoids fake hitmen sites with your help he finds some dumbass who wants to do the killing for him and does the killing, and the customer gets arrested and he says he searched for hitmen and he used your site to avoid fake hitmen you can be charged with accessory to murder because you helped him in his quest to avoid fake hitmen and find a real hitman to kill his victim

    What is considered an accessory to murder? A person who aids a murder offender before or after the crime is referred to as an accessory to murder. They are never at the scene of the crime itself.

    Some people who decide they want someone dead, and make up their minds about it, start finding ways to do it

    They first search for hitmen online or on streets, because they are afraid or scared of doing the killing themselves.

    If everything fails, they could do it on their own.

    But until everything fails, they will try to find hitmen.

    If you are helping them to avoid fake hitmen, or if you tell them all hitmen online are fake, they could decide to try other means, they could decide to do the killing on their own

    So there it is, a simple explanation of how you help murderers commit killings on their own, by telling them all hitmen online are fake or that many hitmen online are fake

    You are doing accessory to murder by helping the would be murderer stay away from traps and scams and achieve his goal with your advice and consulting

    Do you feel good doing that? Do you feel you are doing a moral thing helping murderers avoid hitmen scams?

    Congratulations on helping murderers! Congratulations on doing accessory to murder!

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