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Behind the scenes of a CBS 48 Hours story on dark web hitmen

How I became a dark web consultant to a TV show, and my somewhat complicated relationship with the owner of the most profitable online murder-for-hire service in history

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 8.20.40 am

I recently worked as a consultant to CBS for their season premiere of 48 Hours: “Click for a Killer” after I met a CBS producer at the trial of Stephen Allwine for the murder of his wife, Amy. The episode was originally going to be a straightforward telling of that crime, but as they learned about the extent of the Besa Mafia dark web murder-for-hire operation, as well as my own somewhat complicated and ongoing relationship with its owner, Yura, it turned into something quite different.

I wrote quite a bit about Yura, his websites and the Allwine case in The Darkest Web, but things evolved further over the months since the book’s release. If you look through any of my blog posts about dark web hitmen, you’ll find dozens of bizarre rants from him under several different names. Over time, he has insisted his sites are real, accused me and Chris Monteiro of being the true owners of Besa Mafia, and threatened to come after me, Chris and anyone we cared about.

Privately Yura wrote to me to let me know the true story behind his sites, but insisted he was doing the world a service by scamming would-be murderers out of their money. Our conversations moved from his website, to emails, to eventually real-time chats in Google Hangouts and our relationship was a roller coaster that at times bordered on something akin to a friendship. He seemed genuinely disturbed by Amy Allwine’s murder. After a while he started providing me with details about Australians who had been targeted on his site, which I passed on to police.

When I told him about the CBS show and asked him whether he would be willing to be interviewed for it, he spent the next few weeks wavering between being super-keen and being dead against it. First he thought it would be a great chance to advertise his site, which was still running very profitably. Then he got so excited about being involved, that he forwarded details of some of the US-based targets directly to the CBS producers. CBS was skeptical, but forwarded those details to the authorities, which promptly resulted in an arrest.

The room they put me up in London was like a vegan’s bad trip

At this point, Yura had agreed to be interviewed for the show in London, and CBS flew me over there to meet with host Peter Van Sant and, hopefully, Yura. They hired a warehouse studio and arranged for an Academy Award-nominated make-up artist to be on hand to disguise his appearance. However, Yura had a massive hissy fit and refused to come, claiming CBS had reneged on the deal; the news reports had called his site fake and he only wanted to be interviewed if he could drum up business with claims he was genuine. I spent the next few days in London trying to cajole him to come in, but to no avail. We eventually had a huge fight and he deleted all the contact points I had for him.

Peter the award-winning makeup artist was going to disguise an international fugitive, but he couldn’t make me skinny

After I returned home to Australia, he got in contact with me again, acting as if nothing had happened, even though our last correspondence had involved significant very sweary insults on both sides. He told me he was still getting orders on the site, but business was slow. But he might have felt bad about being a no-show and said that he would send CBS “several videos of myself wearing a black mask giving my position on Besa and Allwine story”.

Meanwhile, Chris Monteiro had gained access to the orders, which he passed on to CBS, who in turn tipped off the authorities. Those stories, including a couple of high-profile arrests, make up Part II of the 48 Hours episode.

A little while before the 48 Hours episode came out, Yura provided me with access to the back end of his most recent site, Camorra Hitmen, so I could see the orders come in. I passed on some target victim information to Queensland and Victorian police, though I’m not sure much has come of my tips. Despite him saying business was slow, Camorra had taken in about 5 Bitcoin since it took on the new name, a period of around 8 weeks. All up, Yura’s hitman sites have brought in at least six figures, and according to the man himself, over a million dollars.

Then as suddenly as he had provided backdoor access, he took it away, and once again the email addresses he was using bounced back. He is the most fickle hitman ever.

Just before he disappeared last time a couple of weeks ago, he told me he thought he might get out of the murder-for-hire business and open a restaurant. I asked him if he would invite me to the opening and he assured me he would consider it, with the caveat: “Just promise don’t drop any word to police about how I got the funds to invest in it ;)”

The Darkest Web is now available on Kindle in the Amazon US and Canadian stores. At this stage they don’t seem to be selling physical copies, but they are available with free worldwide shipping from Book Depository.

16 Responses

  1. I saw your interviews, Eileen. Great stuff! I still feel like the documentary exaggerated, to a degree – they made it sound as if most of the hitman sites were real. That’s TV for you, right?

  2. A few confusing things in the cbs show, it wasn’t Yura who sent target details to CBS and police, it was Chris Monteiro the hacker to hacked the site.

    Yura had no incentive and no reason to betray his customers, but Chris has hacked and closed many dark web sites including several hitmen sites.

    They just saith that Yura gave target details to CBS and police in order to discredit yura, and to make customers afraid of ordering from hitmen sites, this resulting in saving lives because the hitmen sites are real

    it’s good that customers are anonymous on hitmen sites. They would never be arrested if they would delete all traces from their computers, or smash their computers all along after the order

    As you can see, police arrested customers after they got some targets info from a hacker, and targets gave clues of who might want them dead, and police then found some traces of the computers of those people

    With no traces, no arrests can ever be made. It’s all in the hands of the customers to use some activity traces deleting tools that keep their computers clean after accessing dark web markets

    1. Chris Monteiro IS Yura.
      He just hired a freelancer to do the videos wearing the masks and saying the texts.
      Chris Monteiro runs a hitmen marketplace, recruiting hitmen, getting customers orders done, and then pretending to be a hacker and dark web specialist in his other identity, pretending to hack hitmen sites and giving some of his own customers orders to police as if he hacked them

      But he only gives those orders of customers who don’t pay enough, as that guy who paid $5 , or some customers who pay too little for the job

      Most of the orders are being done and Chris Monteiro is a mastermind who keeps two identities, to make it all look confusing and to make sure law enforcement can’t get him

      i am just a freelancer who knows

      1. No, Yura is not Chris Monteiro
        Yura is a romanian faggot, on his real name Iustin Paraschiv a romanian millionaire who is a programmer and a business man, and he has invested lots of his money in food prodicing industry

        I know because I have worked for him on this project, he sometimes cheat his own freelancers and own stuff that’s why I am reporting him

        1. Yura is not Iusting Paraschiv and is not romanian. The fact that many comments have an romanian IP, or hungarian IP or bulgarian IP means nothing, means only that Chris Monteio is pretending to be other people and is using proxies to hide his true IP, and he has claimed long ago that Yura is romanian and now he is coming and saying some romanian guy is Yura.

          But he is not

          Truth is that the only people known to be obsessed with hitmen for hire are Eileen and Chris, and is a high probability that Chris is so smart to fool even the British law enforcement into thinking he is not involved.

          Chris is smart enouch to hide his traces on his computers, to keep two separate identities and to act as he has nothing to do if he gets questioned by law enforcement

          Chris is a mastermind of deceiveing and scamming and he is blaming some romanian dude on the project but the truth is that CHRIS USED MANY ROMANIAN as well as HUNGARIAN AND INDIAN FREELANCERS to work on his job and they all know secrets from his project

          1. Chris Monteiro is Yura who owned Besa Mafia and many other hitmen sites

            Chris Monteiro hired a freelancer to hire a amateur actor to do videos for him including videos of a Yura admin saying stuff about besa mafia

            Chris Monteiro specifically asked the freelancer hiring an amateur actor to find a large size actor so to be clear from the structure and stature that is a different person because if the freelancer would have hired a small size skinny actor people could have think that Chris Monteiro and Yura are same stature and could be the same

            Many people are trying to do hitmen sites like Chris, to copy him, but they will never suceed to do such good sites as Chris

            He is a small skinny man but he hired a freelancer to hire a big actor to do the yura videos, he is english native but he deliberately makes lots of spelling mistakes when posting from his criminal idendity to avoid any connections between his real identity and his criminal identity

            Nothing will ever be found on Chris computer because he knows how to delete traces, and Chris will never post with his real IP from his criminal identity because he uses ways to hide his IP to any other country but UK

            However Chris did several mistakes such as inviting the CBS 48 hours host to london, his home city and he claimed he hacked Besa Mafia when in fact it was his own site, why doesn’t he hack other black marketplaces like dreammarket or other?

            Chris Monteiro gave targets details to CBS and police but then CBS says Yura gave targets details to CBS and police…. why would Yura do that? because he is chris? both are one

  3. The fat guy with a mask from the video claiming to be Yura is probably an actor hired by a freelancer paid by Chris to do a video for him

    Chris Monteiro from UK ownes many hitmen for hire websites and he pays freelancers to get actors to make videos of shooting guns for him, videos of admins wearing masks, videos of people burning cars etc..

    Chris Monteiro sent himself a threatening to make it look like is not himself, and then he pays freelancer to say comments using bad english about this to confuse everythng

    Sometimes some of his freelancers hire other freelancers to get the work done for less money and to keep the difference

    Chris Monteiro hires freelancers from India, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgary and he pays freelancers to go out and buy prepaid sim cards for him to do google accounts on those numbers and to put the sim cards in cheap phones that have proxy software installed to make it look like Chris Monteiro is accessing the net from those IPs of those phones where people put the sim cards they purchase for him

    The Hitmen sites are real and they are killing people, however the admin is not some bad ass mafia kingpin instead it is Chris Monteiro who is killing people with his hitmen but then he pretends is is hacking hitmen sites and that he claims that hitmen sites are scam making people think that he can’t own hitmen sites if he says these are scam

    1. Yes the fake guy behind the mask is David Monteiro-Sharratt aka his alter ego double, it is all a scam and fake for ste3aling monies and getting monies from anyone who will listen. He bilked CBS then he tried several other networks until both the USA FBI, Scotland Yard, MI-5 and MI-6 all determined it is all a ruse and Yura is in fact Chis. He is very excited about getting a all expenses paid free trip to America to fake testify at a fake case.

      He hopes the inferiority and notoriety will get him a real paying job, as he owes plenty of real money to real peole

  4. If you google a bit about Besa Mafia and other hitmen sites, you will only find a few names linked to these kind of sites, articles, comments and stories.

    That is Eileen Orsmby aka ozfreelancer who has the site allthingsvice dot com, and Chris Monteiro aka deku_shrub who has the site pirate dot london , and an alias Yura, who is clearly not the guy from the video as no one accepts to be filmed after conducting murder for hire

    Isn’t it strange that the only people harping around hitmen sites are Eileen Orsmby and Chris Monteiro? Isn’t it strange that the only people obsessed with hitmen sites are Eileen Orsbmy and Chris Monteiro?

    Even the reporter in the CBS 48 hours show realised that Chris Monteiro IS YURA . He asks him are you Yura? And Chris Montiero lowered his head in shame that he has been caught, then grabs the moment and becomes an actor raising his head in laught and says no!

    Even Police in London realised Chris Monteiro IS YURA and they busted his door and arrested him, seized his laptops and hdds and sticks and searched for evidence, but they found none as the evidence was well hidden and encrypted, and they released him later, Chris Monteiro is an expert and a programmer and he knows how to hide and encrypt his files

    Chris Monteiro keeps his files, work and bitcoin well hidden in encrypted partitions, while pretending he is against hitmen sites, condemning hitmen sites, attacking an shadow projection Yura and pretending he is a ethical hacker who hacks hitmen sites and expose their scams and gives the targets to police

    But why isn’t Chris Monteiro hacking other deep web marketplaces? Because he can’t? How come he can’t? Because he only hacks the site he owns? Hitmen sites?

    There is no news of Chris Monteiro hacking any deep web marketplace or any other site except hitmen sites

    Chris Monteiro is running two identities, one doing murder for hire, with some succesful murders to spread the word and get customers and other pretending he fights murder for hire exposing targets and saving lives to account for a roobin hood personality and escape jail charges

    I am a freelancer scammed by Chris Monteiro, and I told him I will expose his doings in revenge for scamming me, he pays lots of freelancers to write shitty stories, articles and comments to support the ideea that someone else wrote them and someone else must be behind hitmen sites

    Not all hitmen sites are fake, some are fake and some are real, just as with everything

    My advice to all looking into hitmen sites, stay away from beliving anonymous comments!!! The internet is full of fake articles, stories, comments and things some so don’t trust anything unless you know the person who is saying that

    Some fake stories, articles and comments say all hitmen are fake, to discourage customers from ordering and to save lives

    Some fake stories, articles and comments say all hitmen are real to direct you to scams, so always trust your gut and never trust stories comments and articles

  5. No one knows who Yura is, anyone can come and claim Yura is this or that .

    Without strong evidence, anyone can put any name but police can’t arrest them unless solid proof is found on their laptops

    Just as with Chris Monteiro he can be yura or he can be a friend of yura helping promoting his business

    Negative publicity is still publicity remember?

    As Besa Mafia site is closed, all sequels of hitmen sites could have been done by same or different guy. Besa was hacked, anyone could have got the source code

    The hacker could have made his own version of the site based on that souce code …

  6. I suspect Yura has launched a big website with hitmen for hire:

    This website is very well promoted; it reaches the top of the search results for important keywords related to hitmen.
    It has lots of pictures with guns and so-called videos, just like in Yura style
    It went from the dark web to clear net, just like the besa mafia

    However, the site is fake. is fake hire a hitman website!!!

    It has a big white area filled with hidden keywords, white text on a white background to trick search engines into getting a better position in search results. And it works! Instead of the site being banned from search engines for keyword spam techniques, the website achieves a top position in search results

    You can view the white keywords on a white background if you select it with the mouse…

  7. All of you who present fake hitmen sites here are just helping would be murderers to stay away from the fake hitmen sites and find other ways to kill their targets.

    By showing fake hitmen sites you are helping the would be murderers to avoid wasting their money and time and you help them skip directly to other ways of achieving their goal of killing someone

    By helping the would be murderers avoid fake hitmen sites, you are doing accessory to murder.

    I understand you want to expose scams that scam the good people, because scamming good people is not ok

    But scamming the bad people, such as would be murderers, rapists, child abusers or other criminals is ok, let all criminals be scammed and stopped in their plan!

    Why do you help would be murderers by showing them what fake sites they should avoid?

    You should understand that is not these fake hitmen sites that convince people to kill. Isn’t like these fake hitmen sites go out shouting loud key kill someone!

    Instead people who already decide they want to have someone dead, they find an easy way to do it first, because they are afraid of doing it themselves

    But when everything fails, these would be murderers who try to hire hitmen, they could take the matter into their own hands and do the killing themselves

    Why do you help them skip the fake hitmen by telling hitmen sites are fake and causing them to jump directly to kill someone on their own?

    These would be murderers who want someone dead first search for keywords like hire a hitman or hitman services and they find hitmen sites offering services

    Then, they get scammed, they get stalled, and they lose their money and time until most of them give up on the thought to try to kill someone

    Some others of them get arrested

    A small number that are very determined, that do not give up and do not get arrested, end up killing the person they want them on their own, without hitmen and without other people

    Fake hitmen are like ethical scammers, they do trouble to the would be murderers and they contribute to saving victims’ lives

    If you expose the ethical scammers that are fake hitmen, then you help the would be murderers jump directly to doing the killing on their own, taking away the chance of police arresting them

    My question is, do you feel good knowing you help would be murderers avoid scams?

    Do you feel good knowing that because of you, would be murderers avoid fake hitmen sites and jump directly to killing the victims on their own?

    Chris Monteiro has been helping murderers for years, by advising them which hitmen sites are fake for the murderers to stay away from these fake hitmen sites.

    Many would be murderers who were searching for hitmen to hire, have stopped trying to hire hitmen online because Chris Monteiro convinced them all hitmen sites online are fake, and instead the would be murderers decided to take matters into their own hands and do the killings themselves

    Chris Monteiro is a pedophile, he loves child abusers and he loves murderers, that is why he provides child porn links and materials on the dark web and that’s why Chris Monteiro does accessory to murder by helping murderers with advice of which hitmen sites are fake, convincing the would be murderers to stay away from such sites and to take the matter into their own hands to kill the victims by their own without requesting help from fake hitmen sites

    Such a case was when Chris Monteiro was part of Besa Mafia, after disputes with other admins he pretended to hack the site because he already has access to the site and he posted that the Besa Mafia was fake, and all hitmen sites are fake, causing would be murderers such as Stephen Allwine to lose faith in hitmen online and to take the matter into his own hands and killing the Amy Allwine

    Stephen Allwine was a would be murderer trying to hire a hitman on Besa Mafia fake hitmen site, and when Chris Monteiro exposed the Besa Mafia as being fake, Stephen Allwine lost faith in hiring hitmen and he decided to do the killing by himself

    If Chris Monteiro would have not exposed Besa Mafia as being fake and if it would have not exposed other hitmen sites as being fake, would be murderers like Stephen Allwine would have lost a lot of time and money into trying to hire hitmen on various sites until he would have probably gotten arrested and the murder would have not to happen

    Anyone exposing fake hitmen sites is helping would be murderers avoid scams and traps, and contributing to the would be murderers’ decistion to find other ways to fulfill their goal, many of them deciding to do the kill on their own

    Anyone exposing fake hitmen sites is the friends of the would be murderers and is doing accessory to murder by their help and consultancy provided to the would be murderers

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