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A Manual for Murder

The true story of how a book led to a triple homicide

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When police are called to a triple homicide in a well-to-do Maryland neighborhood, they are certain they knew who the culprit is. Lawrence Horn was a minor celebrity in Los Angeles, known as Motown’s “man with a plan” but detectives are sure he is also a brutal murderer.

Horn, however, has an impeccable alibi, proving he was on the other side of the country when the massacre took place. Investigators are stumped until they stumble upon a book that tells them exactly how the murders were carried out. But will it be enough to ensure a conviction?

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Mishap or Murder?

True tales of mysterious deaths and disappearances

It takes just seconds for someone to die. But sometimes years later, questions remain: was it an accident, suicide, or something far more sinister?

An elderly couple having an illicit affair disappear into the bush, their campsite destroyed by fire but their vehicle untouched. At first police wonder if they got lost or eloped, but their investigation soon turns to homicide. Who are the mysterious “Hill People” and does a missing drone hold the key to the mystery?

A skydiver plunges to his death and investigators soon discover his parachute had been tampered with. But with a hundred potential murder weapons and just as many suspects who are used to the adrenaline rush of a high-stakes sport, can anyone uncover who did it?

A young mother heads out for a night on the town to celebrate her new car and never comes home. Her text messages and car tracking system tell a story right up to the moment she disappears, leaving police baffled. Did she disconnect the GPS herself or was someone in the car with her that night?

An entire town is wary of a hard-living local man, and none more so than his battered wife. When he disappears and she starts selling his possessions, nobody cares enough to interfere, until his sister starts asking questions.  Did he really leave his wife and four children, or do the local mineshafts hold more secrets than gold?

The latest in the Dark Webs True Crime series takes you through these stories and more cases that stumped police and investigators for years.

Was it Mishap… or Murder?

Small Towns, Dark Secrets

Social media, reality TV and murder in rural America

Two true tales of small-town murders

Unfriendly: How a social media feud led to a double homicide

When the bodies of Bill Payne and Billie-Jean Hayworth were discovered in their Mountain City, Tennessee home on January 30 2012, investigators initially assumed it was a drug deal gone awry. However, soon their attention was drawn to a vicious online feud that had been simmering in full view of the entire town of Mountain City for over a year.

What followed was an unbelievable case involving a CIA agent, a secret relationship, and an impressionable local man who had never had a girlfriend. At the center of the chaos was the Potter family: Buddy, Barbara, and their daughter, Jenelle. Could something as simple as unfriending someone on Facebook really lead to a double homicide?

A Bluegrass Tragedy: The “Wife Swap” murders

The Stockdale Family was private and insular, the children homeschooled, their only outlet playing in the family Bluegrass band. The internet and television were banned, movies and radio programs vetted to ensure they adhered to the family’s fundamentalist Christian values.

They kept to themselves on their farm in Ohio, until an unexpected call from the producers of reality TV series Wife Swap upended their world. Was it the scrutiny of a skeptical public that led to the tragic double homicide?

Mountain City, Tennessee and Bolivar, Ohio: just two small towns that harbored dark secrets… and murder

The Darkest Web

Drugs, death and destroyed lives ... the inside story of the internet's evil twin

Hitmen for hire, drugs for sale. Inside the dangerous world that lurks beneath the bright, friendly light of your internet screen.


A kingpin willing to murder to protect his dark web drug empire. A corrupt government official determined to avoid exposure. The death of a dark web drugs czar in mysterious circumstances in a Bangkok jail cell, just as the author arrives there.

Who is Variety Jones and why have darknet markets ballooned tenfold since authorities shut down the original dark web drugs bazaar, Silk Road? Who are the kingpins willing to sell poisons and weapons, identities and bank accounts, malware and life-ruining services online to anyone with a wallet full of Bitcoin?


A death in Minnesota leads detectives into the world of dark web murder-for-hire where hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin is paid to arrange killings, beatings and rapes. Meanwhile, the owner of the most successful hitman website in history is threatening the journalists who investigate his business with a visit from his operatives – and the author is at the top of his list.


People with the most depraved perversions gather to share their obscene materials in an almost inaccessible corner of the dark web. A video circulates and the pursuit of the monsters responsible for ‘Daisy’s Destruction’ lead detectives into the unimaginable horror of the world of hurtcore.

There’s the world wide web – the internet we all know that connects us via news, email, forums, shopping and social media. Then there’s the dark web – the parallel internet accessed by only a select few. Usually, those it connects wish to remain anonymous and for good reason.

Eileen Ormsby has spent the past five years exploring every corner of the Dark Web. She has shopped on darknet markets, contributed to forums, waited in red rooms and been threatened by hitmen on murder-for-hire sites. On occasions, her dark web activities have poured out into the real world and she has attended trials, met with criminals and the law enforcement who tracked them down, interviewed dark web identities and visited them in prison.

This book will take you into the murkiest depths of the web’s dark underbelly: a place of hitmen for hire, red rooms, hurtcore sites and markets that will sell anything a person is willing to pay for – including another person. The Darkest Web

Little Girls Lost

True tales of heinous crimes (Dark Webs True Crime)

Four shocking crimes. Four lives lost. Countless lives shattered.

True stories of young lives cut brutally short that will make you want to hug your daughter and never let her go.

⚠ Note: this is a true crime book that contains descriptions of sexual violence against children. Reader discretion is advised

An 11-year-old girl never makes it home from a Halloween party. When the people of the tight-knit Oil City discover what was done to her, they cancel Halloween until the real monsters who roam their streets can be caught.

A 14-year-old girl is excited to attend her first evening party with local teens. What happens there is every parent’s nightmare, but it is made infinitely worse when the residents of the town close ranks around the perpetrators.

A schoolgirl comes to the aid of a middle-aged woman who has lost her puppy and becomes the victim of the most hated couple in Australian history.

Police tell gang members a 16-year-old girl has agreed to testify against them, with predictable results. When they make an arrest for her murder, a Hollywood sitcom plays a surprising role in the outcome

Four shocking tales of young lives cut brutally short that will make you want to hug your daughter and never let her go

This is the fourth in the Dark Webs True Crime series. However each book can be read as a standalone without the need to read any of the books that came before.


True stories of deadly obsessions

Deluded narcissists. Obsessed fans. Sinister internet trolls. Stalkers who turned deadly

A Hollywood starlet on a smash-hit sitcom enjoys rising fame, unaware that her greatest fan is hell-bent on meeting his crush. When she films a love scene, his adoration turns into a quest to see her punished

A gameshow winner turns to writing books. When one is given a scathing review, he tracks down the reviewer with bloody results

A teenage boy enjoys online chatrooms. When he meets a sexy Secret Service operative, she convinces him he has been chosen to be a spy with a licence to kill… and his first target is his own best friend.

Men keep turning up at a newlywed’s home convinced that she has placed a Craigslist ad for a rough fantasy roleplay. Things turn violent before police are able to unravel a twisted and diabolical scheme

Dark Webs Book 3 takes you into the twisted world of cyberstalking, catfishing, rejected suitors, jealous exes and celebrity stalkers, and the devastating impact their obsessions can have on their victims. This is a standalone book in the Dark Webs True Crime series. It is not necessary to have read the others in the series


Serial Killers on the Internet

True stories of psychopaths who became online sensations

True tales of serial killers who went viral

Serial killers have been with us for decades. The internet has put them in our pockets

The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs: A pair of teens go on a murderous spree, filming themselves along the way. When their deadly rampage is finished, more than 20 are dead and their exploits are immortalized in the most shocking video ever to circulate the internet, “3 Guys, 1 Hammer

Pedro Rodrigues Filho, aka “Killer Petey”: A serial killer with over 100 kills to his name prides himself on killing only murderers, rapists and pedophiles. When he walks free, he becomes a Youtube sensation

Mark Twitchell, aka the “Dexter” Serial Killer: A psychopath lures victims through online dating to use as “research” for his twisted film project is a chilling look at what happens when murderous minds meet modern technology.

Murder on the Dark Web

True stories from the dark side of the internet

Extraordinary true tales of infidelity, betrayal and shadowy hitmen who may not be what they seem

A look into the dark side of the internet’s secret underbelly

The dark web is the internet’s evil twin, where anything can be bought and sold. Drugs, weapons, and hackers-for-hire are available at the touch of a button.

Most who visit merely look around, happy to satisfy their curiosity before leaving, never to return. But some are sucked into the criminal underworld and find themselves doing things they would never have contemplated in the real world—ordering a hit on a love rival or bidding on an auction for a sex slave – like the people in this book.

A Minnesota dog trainer is found dead of an apparent suicide after detectives find her details on a dark web murder-for-hire site. But who paid $13,000 in Bitcoin to kill this devout Christian and beloved wife and mother?

A Page-3 glamour model is drugged, kidnapped and listed for sale on a dark web human trafficking site. A secret society called Black Death demands a ransom for her safe return, or else she will be sold to sadistic millionaires to use before feeding to the tigers.

These are extraordinary true tales of infidelity, betrayal and shadowy hitmen and human traffickers who may not be that they seem.

Book 2 of the Dark Webs True Crime series

Note: this is a standalone book. It is not necessary to have read Book 1

Silk Road

the shocking true story of the world's most notorious online drug market

A stunning crime story with a truth that explodes off the page

It was the ‘eBay of drugs’, a billion dollar empire. Behind it was the FBI’s Most Wanted Man, a mysterious crime czar dubbed ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’.

SILK ROAD lay at the heart of the ‘Dark Web’ – a parallel internet of porn, guns, assassins and drugs. Lots of drugs. With the click of a button LSD, heroin, meth, coke, any illegal drug imaginable, would wing its way by regular post from any dealer to any user in the world. How was this online drug cartel even possible? And who was the mastermind all its low roads led to?

This is the incredible true story of Silk Road’s rise and fall, told with unparalleled insight into the main players – including alleged founder and kingpin Dread Pirate Roberts himself – by lawyer and investigative journalist Eileen Ormsby.

A stunning crime story with a truth that explodes off the page.

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