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True tales of heinous crimes (Dark Webs True Crime)

Four shocking crimes. Four lives lost. Countless lives shattered.

True stories of young lives cut brutally short that will make you want to hug your daughter and never let her go.

⚠ Note: this is a true crime book that contains descriptions of sexual violence against children. Reader discretion is advised

An 11-year-old girl never makes it home from a Halloween party. When the people of the tight-knit Oil City discover what was done to her, they cancel Halloween until the real monsters who roam their streets can be caught.

A 14-year-old girl is excited to attend her first evening party with local teens. What happens there is every parent’s nightmare, but it is made infinitely worse when the residents of the town close ranks around the perpetrators.

A schoolgirl comes to the aid of a middle-aged woman who has lost her puppy and becomes the victim of the most hated couple in Australian history.

Police tell gang members a 16-year-old girl has agreed to testify against them, with predictable results. When they make an arrest for her murder, a Hollywood sitcom plays a surprising role in the outcome

Four shocking tales of young lives cut brutally short that will make you want to hug your daughter and never let her go

This is the fourth in the Dark Webs True Crime series. However each book can be read as a standalone without the need to read any of the books that came before.

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Another dark read but one that I would highly recommend. These girls deserve to have their stories heard.
Each story is meticulously researched...Eileen Ormsby is one of my favorite true crime authors
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