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True tales of mysterious deaths and disappearances

It takes just seconds for someone to die. But sometimes years later, questions remain: was it an accident, suicide, or something far more sinister?

An elderly couple having an illicit affair disappear into the bush, their campsite destroyed by fire but their vehicle untouched. At first police wonder if they got lost or eloped, but their investigation soon turns to homicide. Who are the mysterious “Hill People” and does a missing drone hold the key to the mystery?

A skydiver plunges to his death and investigators soon discover his parachute had been tampered with. But with a hundred potential murder weapons and just as many suspects who are used to the adrenaline rush of a high-stakes sport, can anyone uncover who did it?

A young mother heads out for a night on the town to celebrate her new car and never comes home. Her text messages and car tracking system tell a story right up to the moment she disappears, leaving police baffled. Did she disconnect the GPS herself or was someone in the car with her that night?

An entire town is wary of a hard-living local man, and none more so than his battered wife. When he disappears and she starts selling his possessions, nobody cares enough to interfere, until his sister starts asking questions.  Did he really leave his wife and four children, or do the local mineshafts hold more secrets than gold?

The latest in the Dark Webs True Crime series takes you through these stories and more cases that stumped police and investigators for years.

Was it Mishap… or Murder?

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