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True stories from the dark side of the internet

Extraordinary true tales of infidelity, betrayal and shadowy hitmen who may not be what they seem

A look into the dark side of the internet’s secret underbelly

The dark web is the internet’s evil twin, where anything can be bought and sold. Drugs, weapons, and hackers-for-hire are available at the touch of a button.

Most who visit merely look around, happy to satisfy their curiosity before leaving, never to return. But some are sucked into the criminal underworld and find themselves doing things they would never have contemplated in the real world—ordering a hit on a love rival or bidding on an auction for a sex slave – like the people in this book.

A Minnesota dog trainer is found dead of an apparent suicide after detectives find her details on a dark web murder-for-hire site. But who paid $13,000 in Bitcoin to kill this devout Christian and beloved wife and mother?

A Page-3 glamour model is drugged, kidnapped and listed for sale on a dark web human trafficking site. A secret society called Black Death demands a ransom for her safe return, or else she will be sold to sadistic millionaires to use before feeding to the tigers.

These are extraordinary true tales of infidelity, betrayal and shadowy hitmen and human traffickers who may not be that they seem.

Book 2 of the Dark Webs True Crime series

Note: this is a standalone book. It is not necessary to have read Book 1

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Eileen Ormsby is one of the world’s leading experts on the dark web
VICE Magazine
From the Internet's hidden drug dens to torture-porn websites, Ormsby has seen it all
Bustle Magazine

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