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True stories of deadly obsessions

Deluded narcissists. Obsessed fans. Sinister internet trolls. Stalkers who turned deadly

A Hollywood starlet on a smash-hit sitcom enjoys rising fame, unaware that her greatest fan is hell-bent on meeting his crush. When she films a love scene, his adoration turns into a quest to see her punished

A gameshow winner turns to writing books. When one is given a scathing review, he tracks down the reviewer with bloody results

A teenage boy enjoys online chatrooms. When he meets a sexy Secret Service operative, she convinces him he has been chosen to be a spy with a licence to kill… and his first target is his own best friend.

Men keep turning up at a newlywed’s home convinced that she has placed a Craigslist ad for a rough fantasy roleplay. Things turn violent before police are able to unravel a twisted and diabolical scheme

Dark Webs Book 3 takes you into the twisted world of cyberstalking, catfishing, rejected suitors, jealous exes and celebrity stalkers, and the devastating impact their obsessions can have on their victims. This is a standalone book in the Dark Webs True Crime series. It is not necessary to have read the others in the series

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Chilling... harrowing...unpicks the sordid tale from the start
The Sun UK
Dark, disturbing and near unbelievable... my No.1 true crime read this year

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